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The Legislative Reference Bureau assists the Hawai`i State Legislature by providing impartial research, consultation, and document drafting services, maintaining a research library, statutes revision and publication, operating a computerized legislative information system, and providing resources to enhance public participation in the legislative process.
see, 23G-3 HRS


Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau

What's New

2019 Legislative Statistics

Includes updated reporting of Number of Bills Introduced, Passed, Enacted, and/or Vetoed, and Number of Resolutions Introduced and Adopted.

(PDF, 1 MB) Available for download.

Amendments to Session Laws List , 1982 - 2018 Regular Session.

The Amendments to Session Laws List shows all of the session laws that have been amended from 1982 up through the Regular Session of 2018. However, the List does not include the budget bills of the State or any state agency. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this List. If you find any discrepancies, please contact the LRB's Revision of Statutes division at 587-0670.

(PDF, 346kB) Available for download.

Joining forces? Potential Consolidation of State Law Enforcement Duties in Hawaii.

This report was prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau pursuant to Act 124, Session Laws of Hawaii 2018, which directed the Bureau to conduct a study examining the consolidation of law enforcement activities and responsibilities that are currently divided among various state divisions and agencies.

(PDF, 6 MB) Available for download.

Straight Shooting: An Objective Review of Hawaii Firearm Laws and Related Statistics.

The Legislative Reference Bureau prepared this report pursuant to Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 116, S.D. 1 (2018), which requested the Bureau to compile and submit a report to the Legislature regarding existing gun laws and firearm data for Hawaii.

(PDF, 157 MB) Available for download.

Hawaii Directory of State, County and Federal Officials

Download department and agency directory listings. Includes office, title, phone and fax numbers, and mail and email addresses.

(PDF, 5 MB) Available for download.

Requests by the Hawaii State Legislature to Agencies and Officials of Federal, State and County Governments and Quasi-public and Private Agencies.

Specific requests for submission of information back to the Legislature, excluding annual and other reports requested on an indefinite basis.

(PDF, 538 kB) Available for download.

Legislative Aids and Manuals

The Bureau continues to make available online its many handbooks and guides to the legislative process. Including, How To Research Constitutional, Legislative, And Statutory History In Hawai`i, and the companion volumes, Directory and Guide to Government in Hawai`i, the documents are downloadable in pdf. Limited print copies are available from the Library.

Digital Services

The Library publishes its twitter, @LRBlibrary, to highlight the trends, issues and resources behind today's news of interest to our Hawaii legislative community. Links to full-text documents, web sites, and news stories.

Our news aggregator service updated each morning, iClips delivers selected daily news links harvested from online local and national news providers.