Subtitle 1  Military Justice                                           
   1    General Provisions                                      
   2    Nonjudicial Punishment           
   3    The Courts-Martial System        
   4    Courts-Martial Preparation and
          Transmittal of Charge Sheet
          (AGHI Form SJAG 2)
   5    Pretrial Confinement and Other
          Pre-Trial Actions
   6    Convening Authority's Post-Trial
   7    Procedures for Appeal
   8    General Administrative Procedures
          and Reports
   9    General Article

  Subtitle 2  Office of Veterans'
  31    Services to Veterans
  32    Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery
          Rules of Practice and Procedure

      Subtitle 1  Military Justice

                Chapter 1
           General Provisions

  7-1-1  General guidance
  7-1-2  Rules of procedure and evidence
  7-1-3  Forms
  7-1-4  Appointment of judge advocates
            and legal officers
  7-1-5  Certification of trial and
            defense counsel and law
  7-1-6  Definitions
  7-1-7  Delegation of authority
  7-1-8  Rights during investigations

                Chapter 2
         Nonjudicial Punishment

  7-2-1  General provisions
  7-2-2  Offenses punishable under
            section 124A-21, HRS
  7-2-3  Persons who may be punished
  7-2-4  Who may impose nonjudicial
  7-2-5  Authorized punishments
  7-2-6  Procedure generally
  7-2-7  Elements of offenses
  7-2-8  Evidence required
  7-2-9  Notification
  7-2-10 Statement of the offense
  7-2-11 Right to demand trial by court-
  7-2-12 Statement of maximum punishment
  7-2-13 Right to remain silent
  7-2-14 Member's election of rights;
            time to reply
  7-2-15 Demand for trial by court-
  7-2-16 Waiver of court-martial
  7-2-17 Conduct of proceedings
  7-2-18 Imposition of punishment;
            maximum punishments
  7-2-19 Imposition of punishment;
            informing the offender
  7-2-20 Fines
  7-2-21 Responsibilities after
  7-2-22 Suspension
  7-2-23 Mitigation
  7-2-24 Remission
  7-2-25 Setting aside
  7-2-26 Disposition of AGHI forms SJAG
            1 and 1a
  7-2-27 Distribution of forms
  7-2-28 Right of appeal
  7-2-29 Election to appeal
  7-2-30 Submission of appeal
  7-2-31 Forwarding the appeal
  7-2-32 Action by reviewing authority
  7-2-33 Announcement of results
  7-2-34 Vacating suspensions

                Chapter 3
        The Courts-Martial System

  7-3-1  Objective of the system
  7-3-2  The courts-martial system
  7-3-3  Conviction as criminal
  7-3-4  Reviews
  7-3-5  Recognizing criminal conduct
  7-3-6  Presumption of innocence
  7-3-7  Self-incrimination and right to
  7-3-8  Appointment of legal personnel
  7-3-9  Sources of information
  7-3-10 Command responsibilities

                Chapter 4
     Courts-Martial Preparation and
       Transmittal of Charge Sheet
           (AGHI Form SJAG 2)

  7-4-1  Charge sheet generally
  7-4-2  Personal data
  7-4-3  Witnesses
  7-4-4  Documents and objects
  7-4-5  Data as to restraint
  7-4-6  Charges and specifications
  7-4-7  Preferral of charges
  7-4-8  Reading charges to the accused
  7-4-9  Nonjudicial punishment
  7-4-10 Letter of transmittal
  7-4-11 Inclosures
  7-4-12 Original documents and physical
  7-4-13 Time limits
  7-4-14 Action upon receipt or
            initiation of charges by
            convening authority
  7-4-15 Action when charges are to be
            referred for trial
  7-4-16 Action when charges are not to
            be referred for trial

                Chapter 5
     Pretrial Confinement and Other
            Pre-Trial Actions

  7-5-1  Apprehension; pre-trial
  7-5-2  Convening authority's role in
            setting up the trial
  7-5-3  Action if accused objects to
            trial by summary court-

                Chapter 6
          Convening Authority's
           Post-Trial Actions

  7-6-1  Deferral of sentences to
  7-6-2  Convening authority's action
  7-6-3  Suspension of sentences;
  7-6-4  Partial suspension of sentence
  7-6-5  Length of suspension term
  7-6-6  Reserved
  7-6-7  Execution of confinement
  7-6-8  Mittimus when issued by a
            presiding officer
  7-6-9  Mittimus when issued by
            convening authority
  7-6-10 Disposition of fines
  7-6-11 Publication of results
  7-6-12 Distribution and filing of
            charge sheet
  7-6-13 Vacating suspensions

                Chapter 7
          Procedures for Appeal

  7-7-1  Accused's appeal to the supreme
            court of the State
  7-7-2  Record on appeal

                Chapter 8
    General Administrative Procedures
               and Reports

  7-8-1  Forms of process
  7-8-2  Witnesses
  7-8-3  Court reporters and
  7-8-4  Lesser included offenses

                Chapter 9
             General Article

  7-9-1  General article; generally
  7-9-2  Indecent assault
  7-9-3  Bribery and graft; asking,
            accepting, or receiving
  7-9-4  Bribery and graft promising,
            offering, or giving
  7-9-5  Correctional custody, escape
  7-9-6  Correctional custody; breach of
            restraint during
  7-9-7  Disorderly, drunkenness, in
            command, quarters, etc.,
            under service discrediting
  7-9-8  Disorderly, drunkenness;
            incapacitating oneself for
            performance of duties through
            prior indulgence in
            intoxicating liquors
  7-9-9  Drugs, wrongful possession
  7-9-10 Drugs; wrongful use or
  7-9-11 Drugs; wrongful introduction
            into military unit, etc.
  7-9-12 Wrongful making, altering,
            counterfeiting, tampering
            with a pass
  7-9-13 Wrongful sale, gift, loan,
            etc., of false or
            unauthorized pass
  7-9-14 Wrongful use or possession of
            valid pass, etc.
  7-9-15 False swearing
  7-9-16 Firearm, discharging; through
  7-9-17 Discharging; wilfully, under
            such circumstances as to
            endanger life
  7-9-18 Impersonating a commissioned
            warrant, noncommissioned, or
            petty officer, or an agent or
  7-9-19 Indecent exposure
  7-9-20 Obstructing justice
  7-9-21 Perjury, statutory
  7-9-22 Perjury, subordination
  7-9-23 Public record, altering,
            concealing, removing,
            mutilating, obliterating, or
  7-9-24 Refusing, wrongfully, to
  7-9-25 Restriction, breaking
  7-9-26 Sentinel, lookout, offenses
            against or by (disrespect to)
  7-9-27 Sentinel, lookout, offenses
            against or by (loitering)
  7-9-28 Stolen property, knowingly
            receiving, buying, concealing
  7-9-29 Threat, communicating
  7-9-30 Unclean accouterment, arms, or
  7-9-31 Uniform, unclean, improper,
            appearing in
  7-9-32 Unlawful entry
  7-9-33 Wearing unauthorized insignia,
            decoration, badge, ribbon or
            lapel button

Subtitle 2  Office of Veterans' Services

               Chapter 31
          Services to Veterans

  7-31-1   Definitions
  7-31-2   Eligibility requirements for
  7-31-3   Geographic areas of service
  7-31-4   Scope of services to veterans
  7-31-4.1 Special housing for disabled
  7-31-4.2 World War II (WW II) Filipino
              veterans burial grant
              program (VBGP)
  7-31-5   Authorization for service
  7-31-6   Termination of service

               Chapter 32
     Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery
     Rules of Practice and Procedure

     Subchapter 1 General Provisions

  7-32-1  Purpose
  7-32-2  Definitions
  7-32-3  Authority, supervision
  7-32-4  Hours
  7-32-5  Visitors
  7-32-6  Traffic control
  7-32-7  Fee structure
  7-32-8  Flags
  7-32-9  Floral, decorative, and
             commemorative objects
  7-32-10 Memorialization
  7-32-11 Gifts, devises, or bequests
  7-32-12 Public information and public
  7-32-13 Corrections

     Subchapter 2 Eligibility

  7-32-14 Eligibility
  7-32-15 Persons eligible for interment
             or inurnment

     Subchapter 3 Operations

  7-32-16 Interment, inurnment
  7-32-17 Disinterment
  7-32-18 Directed exhumation

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