This edition of the Hawaii Administrative Rules Directory is a cumulative listing of all of the rules of Hawaii state government agencies filed with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor in the Hawaii Administrative Rules format prior to May 1, 1995. Prior versions of the Directory published in 1981, 1982, 1988, and 1991, and supplements published in 1989, 1990, 1993, and 1994 are superseded. Copies of the Directory covering the period September 1, 1982 to August 31, 1983 should be retained for the Table of Disposition.

Caveat: This Directory contains no references to rules that have not been converted to the Hawaii Administrative Rules format, or that are exempt from the Hawaii Administrative Procedure Act.

This publication was made possible to a substantial degree by the exhaustive efforts of various student employees of the Bureau who worked diligently on previous editions of the Directory. They are Mr. Willis Oshiro and Mr. Richard Lightner (1988 cumulative edition), Mr. Paul M. Saito (1989 supplement), Mr. Thomas S. Brennan (1990 supplement), Ms. Cynthia T. Tai (1991 cumulative edition), Ms. Jodi Kimura and Ms. Carlotta Diaz (1993 supplement), and Ms. Lynn K. Kashiwabara (1994 supplement). They served under the able direction and guidance of Assistant Director for Research Ken H. Takayama.

The Bureau also extends its sincere appreciation to Ms. Renee Sambueno of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor for her assistance.

Wendell K. Kimura
Acting Director

August 1995

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