Fact Sheet

Hawaii Administrative Rules
2001 Table of Statutory Sections Implemented

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  2. Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does this table list all state agency rules?

      Answer: No.

      (a) This table lists only those rules that conform to the uniform format for state agency rules mandated by section 91-4.2, Hawaii Revised Statutes. A small number of rules may not have fully complied with this requirement. Further, an unknown number of state agency rules which are completely exempt from the requirements of the Hawaii Administrative Procedure Act (chapter 91, HRS) are not included; and

      (b) Not all rule sections claim to implement or interpret statutory provisions. The implementation notes on a few sections state "(Imp: None)". As these rule sections have no corresponding statutory section to implement or interpret, they are not included in this table.

    2. Can it be stated with certainty that the rule sections listed in the table are all of the rules that implement or interpret the particular statutory section?

      Answer: No. The table only lists the rules that the agencies claim as implementing or interpreting each particular statutory provision.

    3. Is the information in this table taken from material located within or near the respective rule sections?

      Answer: Yes. Each rule section contains three sets of notes following the end of the text of that section. The third and final set of these notes is shown as "(Imp:    )". Any statutory sections listed in those parentheses are the statutory provisions that the adopting agency claims are either implemented or interpreted by the particular rule section. What this table does is organize the materials from all of those notes in all of those rule sections according to statutory section number.

    4. Does this edition of the Table of Statutory Sections Implemented contain a rules directory?

      Answer: No. For this year, the table is being published as a separate publication. For the current edition of the rules directory (a detailed table of contents listing the section numbers and section headings of all rules) see the Hawaii Administrative Rules Directory, 2001 cumulative edition.