This article was renumbered from Article XVI to be Article XVIII by Const Con 1978 and election Nov 7, 1978.  The 1978 amendment revised and rewrote this article, substituting present §§1 to 11 for former §§1 to 13 of former Article XVI, and in effecting such revision deleted the following sections of former Article XVI:  former §2, relating to the 1968 senatorial elections; former §3, relating to a twenty-sixth senator to be allocated to Kauai; former §4, relating to the application of the 1968 reapportionment and redistricting; former §5, relating to conditional activation of the reapportionment commission; former §6, superseding constitutional amendments proposed by Senate Bill No. 1102 of the Regular Session of 1967; former §8, providing that biennial budgeting and appropriations shall begin July 1, 1971; former §9, relating to the effective date and application of former Article VII, §2; former §13, relating to condemnation of fisheries.

  These deletions appear to be part of the unspecified changes submitted for ratification under Question 34.  On whether any of the changes submitted under Question 34 was in fact approved by the electorate, see Kahalekai v. Doi, 60 H. 324 (1979), excerpted in the note preceding the Preamble to the Constitution.


Section 1.  [Omitted as obsolete.  For current plan, see the 1991 Report and Reapportionment Plan submitted to the lieutenant governor.]


  A proposal of the 1978 Constitutional Convention rewriting this section was not validly ratified.  Kahalekai v. Doi, 60 H. 324 (1979).  In view of the holding, the revisor has restored the former version of the section under the authority of Resolution No. 29 of the 1978 Constitutional Convention.

Cross References

  Reapportionment, see Art. IV.