After opening day and organization of the Legislature, the conduct of daily business falls into an established routine. In both houses, the morning hours are usually taken up by committee hearings and meetings and the daily session in the late morning. Afternoon and frequently evening hours are spent in hearings and meetings. On the floor of each house, the business of the day follows a sequence established in the Order of the Day, an agenda of the daily order of business.

House of Representatives: Order of Business

The order of business of the House of Representatives is essentially the same as that of the Senate. (See House Rule 29) In a typical Order of the Day of the House of Representatives, the normal routine is:

Senate: Order of Business

In the Senate, the order of business is noted in its Order of the Day. (See Senate Rule 38) With a slight variation from the House of Representatives, the Senate routine is:

Often items on the Order of the Day are moved to the "end of the calendar", especially when the passage of a measure seems uncertain. Moving a bill to the end of the calendar gives its proponents time to rally support for the measure. (House Rule 30; Senate Rule 39) In the closing days of the legislative session, with bills being deferred, placed at the end of the calendar, recommitted, and reconsidered, the Order of the Day becomes a complex agenda, consisting of numerous supplements, that is sometimes difficult to follow with the large number of bills and resolutions being reported on and considered for action.

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