Rule 29. Order of Business: General; Order of the Day

29.1. The daily order of business shall be:

(1) Roll call;

(2) Reading and approval of the Journal unless the
House by motion dispenses with such reading;

(3) Messages from the Governor;

(4) Reports and communications from the heads of
agencies; and

(5) Bills, resolutions, and other matters received
from the Senate to be placed on the calendar.

29.2. The order of matters to be considered in the Order of
the Day shall be:

(1) Unfinished business upon which the House was
engaged at the time of its last adjournment;

(2) Reports of committees;

(3) Petitions, memorials and communications;

(4) Introduction of bills and resolutions;

(5) Second and third readings;

(6) Any miscellaneous business on the Speaker's
table; and

(7) Announcements.

Rule 30. Order of Business: Special

The House may, by previous motion, direct that any matter
be made a special order of business. Special orders shall
take precedence over all business after the fourth order in
the order of business. The House may also specify that
special orders be taken up at a later specified point in
the order of business.

Rule 31. Order of Business: Unfinished Business; Committee

Reports and Messages

31.1. Any business which the House did not complete before
its last adjournment shall have precedence in the
Order of the Day. No motion or other business shall
be received without special leave of the House until
the unfinished business is disposed of.

31.2. Reports from conference committees and from the
Committee on Legislative Management shall be in order
at all times. Upon motion, messages or reports from
the Governor or from the Senate may be received at
any time, provided that without unanimous consent
such messages or reports shall not be in order for
discussion when received but shall be placed on the
calendar as "Unfinished Business".

Rule 32. Order of Business: Questions of Priority

All questions relating to the priority of business shall be
decided without debate.

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