Supplemental Information to Bills Passed
19th Regular Session of 1997


This publication sets forth important information concerning the bills passed by the Hawaii State Legislature during the Regular Session of 1997, which adjourned sine die on May 1, 1997. This publication supplements the publication entitled "Bills Passed by the Hawaii State Legislature, Regular Session of 1997" which was issued by the Legislative Reference Bureau on May 2, 1997.* That publication contains a brief description of each bill passed during the 1997 session.

This report contains the following:

  1. A listing of the offices throughout the State where copies of bills or acts are available. We have set forth the sources, the contact persons, the hours, and the cost, if any.

  2. A general index that contains a topical listing of the bills passed in 1997 under broad and general subject matter categories.

  3. "Laws Affected by Bills Passed" shows sections of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, the Session Laws of Hawaii, and sections of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920, that are affected by bills passed by the Legislature in the 1997 Regular Session. It also shows sections of the State Constitution that may be affected by bills passed during 1997. It also includes a listing of new chapters and parts of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. This table reflects information from the final draft of every bill passed or enacted into law.

  4. "Status of Bills Passed by the Legislature" is a list in bill order passed by the Legislature together with their committee report numbers.

  5. A preliminary table of H.B. 350, C.D. 1, General Appropriations Act of 1997, furnished courtesy of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii, shows the total program appropriations for fiscal years 1997-1998 and 1998-1999.

The above information includes act numbers and approval dates for bills signed into law by the Governor as of May 27, 1997.*

For your information, the Governor has 45 days after adjournment sine die (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) to consider bills for approval.

We sincerely hope that this publication will be of assistance. Please be reminded that there is no substitute for knowing what a bill says other than consulting the bill itself. If you are interested in obtaining further information, please contact our office.

Wendell K. Kimura
Acting Director
Legislative Reference Bureau

May 27, 1997

* online version as of June 4, 1997

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