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Chapter SubjectEffectBill or Act No.
Assistive Technology Warranty ActNSB952
Conformity to Federal Law NSB1191
Donation of Pharmaceuticals and Health Care SuppliesNSB165
Emergency Use of Private Real PropertyNSB1766
Grants and Subsidies NHB1689
Hawaii Early Education and CareNSB1631
  (Act 77)
Housing and Community Development Corporation of HawaiiNHB143
Lease-Purchase Agreements for Personal PropertyNSB141
Marriage and Family TherapistsNSB1032
Motor Vehicle Lease Disclosure Act NSB1495
  (Act 82)
Petroleum Industry Information Reporting ActNHB1451
Planned Community AssociationsNHB777
Purchases of Health and Human ServicesNHB1689
Reciprocal Beneficiaries NHB118
Redevelopment of Barbers Point Naval Air StationNHB1701
Sex Offender Registration and NotificationNHB108
Uniform Interstate Family Support ActNSB1268
Uniform Prudent Investor ActNSB959
  (Act 26)
Volunteer Service NHB141

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