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Karen Mau,
  Head Research Librarian
State Capitol, Rm 005
587.0690  phone
587.0699  fax

We are prohibited from revealing the contents of any request for services, except to the requester. This assures the confidentiality of every request a legislator sends to the Bureau.
see, §23G-4, HRS


A Legislator's Guide To LRB -
Legislative Reference Library

The Library serves the Legislature and the legislative service agencies by providing essential information resources and information services which support the legislative process.

Reference and Research Support

Our research librarians provide reference and research assistance in the Library or by telephone. Questions cover a wide range of subjects, but typically involve state policy issues, complex legislative history, or federal laws and regulations. A workstation linked to the Internet, our online catalog, CARD, and to other libraries and databases is located in the reference area. We will assist staff in using them for research.

Accessing electronic information services and databases, such as Westlaw, the Library can obtain state and federal bills, statutes and rules, as well as current articles and reports specific to a legislator's research needs. The Library staff combines forty years' experience in online database searching.

The Print Collection

Legislative studies and executive agency reports from Hawaii and across the country comprise the major part of the Library's print collection. These publications provide background on laws and programs of interest to policy makers. The collection also includes Hawaii statutes, journals, court cases and county codes; statutes from twelve other states; federal statutes and U.S. Supreme Court cases. A comprehensive reference section and 300 periodicals and newspapers provide information on topics from law and public policy to business and current affairs. An archive of all drafts and committee reports of bills and resolutions introduced in the past ten years assures timely access to these measures for research and drafting purposes.

Clipping File

Because the local papers are important sources of both current and historical information, a newspaper clipping file that dates back twenty-five years. A copy of the Index to the Clipping File is available online as a pdf.


Directory of State, County and Federal Officials

Contains the names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses of government officials. Also published on the Library's web site, the Directory links to agencies and officials with pages on the World Wide Web. Annual.

Guide to Government in Hawaii. The Guide

Discusses state and county departments and their organization and the agencies of the federal government with offices in Hawaii. It cites the statutory authority for each state office and includes organization charts and an index. Frequency varies. Last published: 2002.


A clipping service of news on the Internet. iClips provides links to articles of interest for legislative research selected from local, national and world online news. Updated daily, weekday e-alerts provided.


LRBlibrary Twitter

The Library publishes its twitter, @LRBlibrary, to highlight the trends, issues and resources behind today's news of interest to our Hawaii legislative community. Links to full-text documents, web sites, and news stories.

LRB Web Site

The Bureau on the World Wide Web. The Library maintains the Bureau's Web Site, designed to assist legislative research by providing links to other important web sites which have been evaluated and annotated by the Library staff. The site also electronically distributes Bureau studies and reports.