During the 1989 Legislative session, the Hawai`i State Legislature enacted into law Senate Bill 832 (Act 331, Session Laws of Hawai`i 1989) to improve public access to legislative information.

Originally staffed by community volunteers, the PAR was established as part of a permanent public access program in 1994, offering a year-round staff and services.

In 1996, the PAR was transferred to the Legislative Reference Bureau.

View , A Timeline of Public Access In Hawai`i (pdf, updated 03/13).

An Overview of the Public Access Room (pdf, 180kB)

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Room 401

415 So Beretania St
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 587-0478 phone
(808) 587-0749 TTY phone
(808) 587-0793 fax


M-F 7:45a - 6p
M-F 9a - 5p

From the Neighbor Islands,
dial toll free:
974-4000 Hawai`i
984-2400 Maui
274-3141 Kaua`i
followed by the extension:
Ext. 7-0478 office
Ext. 7-0793 fax

Legislative Information Sheets


See also the Legislature's Legislative Directories web page.

Information Sheets
Senate Information At-A-Glance PDF 40kB Word 35kB
Senate District Descriptions PDF 75kB Word 25kB
Senate Leadership & Committee Membership PDF 25kB Word 25kB
Senate Committee Hearing Schedule PDF 150kB  
Senate Seating Chart  
Senate Signature List    
House Information At-A-Glance PDF
House District Descriptions PDF 75kB WORD 26kB
House Leadership & Committee Membership PDF
House Conference Room Schedule    
House Signature List    
House Seating Chart    
Session Calendar    
Legislative Email Directory PDF 30kB Excel 20kB
House & Senate Room, Phone, Fax PDF 35kB PDF 20kB
Office Managers List PDF 81kB PDF 20kB
Committee Clerks List    
Capitol Map PDF
1 MB
Glossary Of Key Legislative Terms PDF 95kB  
Quick View of How a Bill Becomes a Law PDF 80kB Word 55kB
Written Testimony: The Bare Basics PDF 75kB  
How to Submit Testimony Online PDF 112kB Word 70kB
How to Create a Measure Tracking List *NEW* PDF 125kB Word 50kB
Conference Committee information PDF 96kB Word 80kB
Hawaii Legislature's Website: A Guide PDF 400kB Word 84 kB
Budget Overview PDF 160kB Word 85kB
How to Receive Hearing Notices by Email PDF 67kB Word 42kB