During the 1989 Legislative session, the Hawai`i State Legislature enacted into law Senate Bill 832 (Act 331, Session Laws of Hawai`i 1989) to improve public access to legislative information.

Originally staffed by community volunteers, the PAR was established as part of a permanent public access program in 1994, offering a year-round staff and services.

In 1996, the PAR was transferred to the Legislative Reference Bureau.

View , A Timeline of Public Access In Hawai`i (pdf, updated 03/13).

An Overview of the Public Access Room (pdf, 180kB)

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Room 401

415 So Beretania St
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 587-0478 phone
(808) 587-0749 TTY phone
(808) 587-0793 fax


M-F 8am - 7pm
M-F 9am - 5pm

From the Neighbor Islands,
dial toll free:
974-4000 Hawai`i
984-2400 Maui
274-3141 Kaua`i
followed by the extension:
Ext. 7-0478 office
Ext. 7-0793 fax

Legislative Information Sheets


See also the Legislature's Legislative Directories web page.

Information Sheets
Senate Information At-A-Glance PDF 33kB Word 38kB
Senate District Descriptions PDF 175kB Word 20kB
Senate Leadership & Committee Membership PDF 22kB Word 621kB
Senate Committee Hearing Schedule
(updated Jan, 2014)
PDF 43kB  
Senate Seating Chart PDF 150kB  
Senate Signature List PDF 110kB  
House Information At-A-Glance
(updated Jun, 2014)
PDF 60kB WORD 36kB
House District Descriptions
(updated Jun, 2014)
PDF 70kB WORD 26kB
House Leadership & Committee Membership
(updated Jun, 2014)
PDF 35kB WORD 42kB
House Conference Room Schedule
(updated Jan, 2014)
PDF 60kB
House Signature List PDF 250kB  
House Seating Chart PDF 163kB  
2014 Session Calendar *NEW* PDF 70kB  
Legislative Email Directory
(updated Jun, 2014)
PDF 35kB Excel 40kB
House & Senate Room, Phone, Fax
(updated Jun, 2014)
PDF 35kB Excel 30kB
Office Managers List
(updated Jun, 2014)
PDF 35kB Excel 20kB
Committee Clerks List
(updated Jan, 2014)
PDF 45kB Word 30kB
Capitol Map
(updated Jun, 2014)
1 MB
Glossary Of Key Legislative Terms PDF 95kB  
Quick View of How a Bill Becomes a Law PDF 80kB Word 55kB
Written Testimony: The Bare Basics PDF 75kB  
How to Submit Testimony Online
(*NEW* Feb, 2014)
PDF 112kB Word 70kB
Conference Committee information
(updated Mar, 2014)
PDF 96kB Word 80kB
Hawaii Legislature's Website: A Guide PDF 400kB Word 84 kB
Budget Overview
(updated Jan, 2014)
PDF 160kB Word 85kB
How to Receive Hearing Notices by Email
(*New* Feb 2014)
PDF 67kB Word 42kB
How to Create a Measure Tracking List
(*New* Feb 2014)
PDF 91kB Word 33kB