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May 2017 (Adobe PDF, 395 kB)

Also available as a Word file (515 kB).

April 2017 (Adobe PDF, 394 kB)

Also available as a Word file (395 kB).

March 2017 (Adobe PDF, 460 kB)

  • Floor Sessions and the 'Order of the Day'
  • 2017 Legislative Timetable
  • PAR Brownbag Workshops / Hours

Also available as a Word file (430 kB).

February 2017 (Adobe PDF, 600 kB)

  • Committees and the Public Hearing Process
  • 2017 Legislative Timetable
  • Legislative Jumble
  • Resolutions
  • PAR Session Hours / Workshops

Also available as a Word file (450 kB).

January 2017 (Adobe PDF, 700 kB)

  • A New Legislative Session is Upon Us
  • 2017 Legislative Timetable
  • Sometimes "One More Piece of Paper" Is Just What You Need!
  • Snapshot of the Legislative Session
  • Public Access Room (PAR) Staff 2017
  • Workshops, PAR Hours during session

Also available as a Word file (1MB).


May 2016 (Adobe PDF, 500 kB)

  • Communicating with the Governor
  • 2016 Legislative Timetable
  • Video Tutorials: New "How to" Guides
  • Snapshot of the Legislative Session
  • Regroup, Reassess, Revive
  • PAR Interim Hours

Also available as a Word file.

Apr 2016 (Adobe PDF, 600 kB)

  • Conference Committees
  • 2016 Legislative Timetable
  • Important Deadlines for the Governor
  • Following the Money?
  • Maze: How a Bill Becomes Law

Also available as a Word file.

Mar 2016 (Adobe PDF, 600 kB)

  • Rules, Rules, Rules!
  • 2016 Legislative Timetable
  • Deadlines: Second Decking and Second Crossover
  • Diversity of Process
  • Website Resources: Reports and Lists

Also available as a Word file.

Feb 2016 (Adobe PDF, 700 kB)

  • Tips for Talking with Your Legislator
  • 2016 Legislative Timetable
  • Writing Effective Testimony
  • The Anatomy of a Bill
  • Legislative Crossword Puzzle

Also available as a Word file.

*Answers to our Crossword Puzzle!* Download the pdf.

Jan 2016 (Adobe PDF, 900 kB)

  • Welcome to Another Session! Where to Start?
  • 2016 Legislative Timetable
  • Public Access Room (PAR) Staff 2016
  • Reading the Session Calendar

Also available as a Word file.


Apr 2015 (Adobe PDF, 700 kB)

  • Session Is Pau: What Now?
  • Final Decking and Governor's Timeline
  • Which Bills Ended up Passing the Legislature?
  • State Calendar

Also available as a Word file.

Mar 2015 (Adobe PDF, 700 kB)

  • Just how unique is our Public Access Room?
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Resolutions
  • Legislative Jargon (Crossword Puzzle)
  • Learning Sessions

Also available as a Word file.

*Answers to our Crossword Puzzle!* Download the pdf.

Feb 2015 (Adobe PDF, 800 kB)

  • how the public can track the many changes bills are going through at the Capitol
  • explaining the advise and consent process
  • recess days
  • PAR workshops

Also available as a Word file.

Jan 2015 (Adobe PDF, 1MB)

  • Farewell message from PAR Coordinator
  • 2015 Session Staff
  • Finding bills on the website
  • PAR resources online
  • Senate trial project:  Oral Testimony via Video Technology

Also available as a Word file.


Apr 2014 (Adobe PDF, 300KB)

Mar 2014 (Adobe PDF, 350KB)

  • Conference Committees
  • Get to Know your Deadlines: Down the Homestretch
  • Join us for Art at the Capitol (4/4/14)

Also available as a Word file.

Feb 2014 (Adobe PDF, 450KB)

Also available as a Word file.

Jan 2014 (Adobe PDF, 450KB)

  • Here we go!
  • 2014 Session Staff
  • Website: Getting Organized
  • Get to know your deadlines: Reading the Session Calendar
  • Workshops, Mailboxes, Hours

Also available as a Word file.


Mar 2013 (Adobe PDF, 300KB)

  • Advocacy Tips
  • 2013 Legislative Timetable
  • Art at the Capitol
  • Website: Treasures in Testimonies
  • Get to know your deadlines: Second Decking & Second Crossover

Also available as a Word file.

Feb 2013 (Adobe PDF, 300KB)

  • Navigating during Session
  • 2013 Legislative Timetable
  • Writing Effective Testimony
  • Get to know your deadlines: Crossover

Also available as a Word file.

Jan 2013 (Adobe PDF, 250KB)

  • Strategy
  • 2013 Legislative Timetable
  • 2013 PAR Session Staff
  • Get to know your deadlines: First Lateral
  • Workshops, PAR Mailboxes, Hours

Also available as a Word file.


May 2012 (Adobe PDF, 250KB)

  • Work the Vote
  • Find Lists of Acts and Vetoes
  • Post-Session Deadlines

Also available as a Word file.

April 2012 (Adobe PDF, 350KB)

  • Capitol TV and archived broadcasts
  • The legislative website’s Senate and House pages
  • Some fast-approaching deadlines (Final Decking and Adjournment sine die)

Also available as a Word file.

March 2012 (Adobe PDF, 280KB)

  • The Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) Library, a wonderful resource located in the Capitol and accessible via your computer;
  • Employing the legislative website’s incredibly useful “Reports and Lists” icon (you’ll be amazed at all the information located just a few clicks away); and
  • Understanding some fast-approaching deadlines (Second Lateral, Second Decking and Second Crossover).

February 2012 (Adobe PDF, 270KB)

  • Exploring Resolutions
  • Art at the Capitol - Friday, March 2nd, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
  • Website: Using the Measure Tracking Feature
  • Get to Know your Deadlines: First Decking and Crossover

January 2012 (Adobe PDF, 400KB)

  • Welcome to Session!
  • 2012 Legislative Timetable
  • Website: How to View All Bills and Descriptions
  • New PAR Hours!

Also available as a Word file.


November 2011 (Adobe PDF, 600KB)

  • The Legislature's Website: Better than Ever!
  • PAR Workshops

Also available as a Word file.

June 2011 (Adobe PDF, 270KB)

  • Now that Session is pau, are you wondering what new laws are on the books?
  • Tips for Communicating With the Governor
  • Special Session?

Also available as a Word file.

April 2011 (Adobe PDF, 440KB)

  • And please join us the day before Session ends for our "Almost Adjournment Sine Die Celebration!" – 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 4th, here in Room 401.  It's potluck, but there's always plenty of food and, of course, our almost famous punch.

Also available as a Word file.

March 2011 (Adobe PDF, 330KB)

  • Tracking Bills.
  • Reapportionment

January 2011 (Adobe PDF, 370KB)

  • A Gardener's Abbreviated Guide to Legislative Process.
  • Coming up…Confirmation Hearings.

Also available as a Word file.


April 2010 (Adobe PDF, 370KB)

  • Wrapping Things Up.
  • At the end, a new beginning.
  • What to do with the Interim.
  • Constitutional Amendments.
  • End of Session…Time to Party!

March 2010 (Adobe PDF, 470KB)

  • 20th Birthday - "Many thanks!"
  • Timely Issues

February 2010 (Adobe PDF, 300KB)

  • House and Senate rules
  • Budget information

Also available as a Word file.

January 2010 (Adobe PDF, 360KB)

  • “Coping and Hoping”
  • Website updates



May 2009 (Adobe PDF, 428KB)

  • Wrapping Up Another Session
  • Carrying on About Carry-Over Bills
  • How should PAR change with the changes?

April 2009 (Adobe PDF, 380KB)

  • Understanding "Defective Dates"
  • Conference Committees - How do they work? When do they meet? How do I find them?
  • What happens when the bill leaves the Legislature?
  • How to Find the State Constitution Online

March 2009 (Adobe PDF, 396KB)

  • Answer to a procedural question
  • Finding measures and testimony from years past
  • Workshops and tutorials
  • Helpful tools for patrons with disabilities

Also available as a Word file.

Feb 2009 (Adobe PDF, 256KB)
A-B-C's on Adding your Voice to the Mix

  • How to find a hearing notice
  • A new way to submit testimony online
  • A testimony outline, and some tips on speaking at hearings

Jan 2009 (Adobe PDF, 500KB)
LEGISLATIVE DEADLINES...a handy reference list to keep on hand.


April/May 2008 (Adobe PDF, 195KB)
May 1: Adjournment Sine Die - So what happened?!

March 2008 (Adobe PDF, 150KB)
PROS and CONS : Methods to Keep Track of your Bills

Jan 2008 (Adobe PDF, 140KB)

  • Find out about new resources that are available this session.
  • Clip out the pocket-sized 2008 legislative calendar for your wallet or bulletin board.
  • Sign up for a PAR workshop or forward the schedule to friends or colleagues who would like to get involved.
  • And meet the folks staffing the office this session - ready to guide you through the legislative process, answer questions or point you to a computer.


Mar 2007 (Adobe PDF, 436KB)
It covers tracking measures with the Legislature's Website and our remaining March workshops.

Jan 2007 (Adobe PDF, 194KB)
Learning about bills and understanding bill structure; Legislative timetable; meet the new PAR staff; and scheduled workshops for January and February.


May 2006 (Adobe PDF, 312KB)
For those unprepared, looking at the "budget bills" (this year, HB1900 and SB2060) and "budget worksheets" may be a bit daunting. Here are two tables to help you decipher the codes (i.e. methods-of-funding codes) and acronyms (i.e. expanding agency codes)...certainly a first step to making the reading of bills and worksheets less cumbersome.

Apr 2006 (Adobe PDF, 100KB)
This month's issue will help those of you still a bit mystified by references to the Hawaii Revised Statutes, Session Laws or Administrative Rules. The newsletter's brief -- it's just 2-pages -- but it offers a concise picture of the three primary collections of laws and rules in Hawaii. Knowing the current state of affairs is certainly useful as you start to form ideas for next year's legislative session.

Mar 2006 (Adobe PDF, 617KB)
Take a moment to review the interesting, informative articles (learn about lateral and decking deadlines, and the variety of amendments made to legislation) and see if one of our scheduled workshops can help you learn more.

Jan 2006 (Adobe PDF, 404KB)
Schedule of free workshops; quick reference charts for Committee Acronyms and the Legislative Timetable; articles on Bill Packages, Companion Bills and Committee Assignments; and a useful 'how to' column on finding committee rosters on-line.


May 2005 (Adobe PDF, 235KB)
An overview of the budget process; things to do during interim.

April 2005 (Adobe PDF, 210KB)
It passed!...So, what happens now?; What to do when a measure reaches conference committee.

March 2005 (Adobe PDF, 220KB)
More goodies for you!; I'd Like to Offer My Testimony; March Workshops.

January 2005 (Adobe PDF, 170KB)
Hawaii's Biennial Legislature; Resignation from Political Office; Meet the PAR Staff.


May 2004 (Adobe PDF, 2.55MB)
Constitutional Amendments; How to access the Office of Elections online.

April 2004 (Adobe PDF, 1.7MB)
Hot Bills of 2004; How to track bills that have passed a given legislative deadline.

March 2004 (Adobe PDF, 181KB)
Resolutions & Certificates; How to get House and Senate Rules online.

January 2004 (Adobe PDF, 181KB)
Registering As A Lobbyist; Meet the PAR Staff; How to sign up for hearing notices by email.

April 2003 (Adobe PDF, 176KB)
2003 Issues and Measures; How to do a text search on measures for 2003.


February 2003 (Adobe PDF, 411KB)
Deadlines and the Timetable; How to find the status of a measure.

January 2003 (Adobe PDF, 200KB)
2003 Legislature; Meet the new PAR Staff.


April 2002 (Adobe PDF, 120KB)
Conference Committee; What happens when a bill passes out of the legislature?

Feb/March 2002 (Adobe PDF, 530KB)
Testimony - Some Helpful Hints and Guidelines; How to find a hearing notice on a specific measure through the internet.

January 2002 (Adobe PDF, 156KB)
Kicking off 2002; New Innovation for Testimony by E-mail; Meet the PAR Staff.


March 2001 (Adobe PDF, 84KB)
Capitol 2001.

February 2001 (Adobe PDF, 163KB)
PAR Website Overview; Did You Know?; ADA Compliance; Meet PAR's new staff.

January 2001 (Adobe PDF, 97KB)
What's New?; Meet the PAR staff.


April 2000 (Adobe PDF, 460KB)
The Importance of the Interim.

February 2000 (Adobe PDF, 300KB)
Capitol Commentary; The legislature celebrates ten years of Public Access!!!; PAR staff.

January 2000 (Adobe PDF, 60KB)
Opening Day of the Hawaii State Legislature "PAR-Style"; Information on the web.