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415 So Beretania St
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 587-0478 phone
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M-F 7:45a - 6p
M-F 8a - 4:30 p


From the Neighbor Islands,
dial toll free:
974-4000 Hawai`i
984-2400 Maui
274-3141 Kaua`i
followed by the extension:
Ext. 7-0478 office
Ext. 7-0793 fax

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Brown Bag Workshops
In April we will be offering a series of "Legislature 201" workshops for the public.
Bring your lunch and join us!
Please call or email to sign up! (587-0478 or
Floor Sessions and Orders of the Day:
Tuesday, April 5th or Thursday, April 14th; 12 noon-1 p.m.

Learn about what takes place on session days in the House and Senate chambers (and why it's important); understand some of the rules and traditions governing floor proceedings; become comfortable interpreting and following the agendas.
Conference Committees:
Thursday, April 7th or Tuesday, April 12th; 12 noon-1 p.m.

Understanding this end-of-session process can be a challenge for everyone. We'll offer some tips, information, and strategies that can help.

"We the Powerful" Workshops

You can still participate in our standard "We the Powerful" workshop -- just call or email to schedule a time! The presentation includes: understanding the legislative process, delivering effective testimony, using the Legislature's website, and an overview of other resources. Let us know your level of knowledge and experience, and we will do our best to tailor the session accordingly.

We the Powerful!
Discover the Public's Power in the Legislative Process

Pick up tips and tools to help you add your voice to Hawaii's lawmaking process at the Public Access Room (PAR)'s free workshop.

Topics covered by the workshop include:

  • Tips and techniques on effective lobbying, testimony, and communicating with Senators and Representatives
  • Understanding the legislative process, deadlines, and power dynamics
  • Easy to use tools available on the Legislature’s website
  • Helpful handouts, guides, and resources

The workshop ends with time for focus and collaboration on matters of interest to the participants. The flexible nature of the workshop provides a useful start for newcomers, as well as new information and inspiration for veterans of the legislative process.


Workshop Material

Download excerpts from, A Participant's Guide to Hawaii State Legislative Process: