Room 401

415 So Beretania St
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 587-0478 phone
(808) 587-0749 TTY phone
(808) 587-0793 fax

M-F 7:45a - 6p
M-F 9a - 5p


From the Neighbor Islands,
dial toll free:
974-4000 Hawai`i
984-2400 Maui
274-3141 Kaua`i
followed by the extension:
Ext. 7-0478 office
Ext. 7-0793 fax

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We the Powerful!
Discover the Public's Power in the Legislative Process

This January, February and March, the Public Access Room (the “PAR”) will conduct free workshops entitled,We the Powerful! These 1 hour meetings are designed to demystify the State lawmaking process, and will demonstrate ways that people can speak out at the legislature. All are welcome.

Workshops: January, February and March 2015
Tuesdays 12 noon  
Thursdays 5:00 p.m.
PAR, 415 S. Beretania St., Room 401

PAR's workshops are designed to be useful to both newcomers and veterans of the legislative process. Covered topics will include understanding the legislative process, delivering effective testimony, making sense of the calendar and deadlines, and an overview of the Legislature's website and other resources. Renewed inspiration to be part of the solution will be the overriding theme.

Please call (587-0478) or email ( to register.

For additional information, or to arrange for individual tutorials or group workshops, residents are invited to contact the Public Access Room toll free from Kauai at 274 3141 ext.70478, from Maui at 984-2400 ext. 70478, and from Hawaii Island at 974-4000 ext. 70478, or via email at Please contact PAR directly well in advance to make arrangements if special assistance or services such as sign language interpreters are needed.


Workshop Material

Download excerpts from, A Participant's Guide to Hawaii State Legislative Process: