Bills Passed - Regular Session

Hawaii State Legislature
1997 Session

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MEASURE HB0417 HD3 SD1 CD1 (CCR 50) TITLE RELATING TO THE STATEWIDE TRAIL AND ACCESS PROGRAM. INTRODCR Okamura T (586-6340) DESCRIPT Provides that an amount equal to the revenue from all taxes collected on non highway recreational fuel or 0.3 per cent of the proceeds deposited into the State highway fund but not more than 250,000 dollars shall represent the base funding for the trail and access program (Na Ala Hele). Repeals provision requiring that earnings on the investment of the moneys become part of the general fund. Provides for fees charged by the department of land and natural resources for the commercial and other use of trails and accesses to help fund the management, maintenance, and development of trails and accesses under the jurisdiction of the department each fiscal year. ($$) -- HB0417 CD1 COMM REPT HSCR 24 (WLU) HSCR 477 (TRN) HSCR 705 (FIN) SSCR 1046 (TIA/ ECD/) SSCR 1517 (WAM) CCR 50 STATUS Apr-29 97 Passed Legislature ------ -- PENDING FURTHER ACTION MEASURE HB0455 TITLE RELATING TO STATUTORY REVISION: AMENDING, REENACTING, OR REPEALING VARIOUS PROVISIONS OF THE HAWAII REVISED STATUTES AND THE SESSION LAWS OF HAWAII FOR THE PURPOSE OF CORRECTING ERRORS AND REFERENCES, CLARIFYING LANGUAGE, AND DELETING OR REPEALING OBSOLETE OR UNNECESSARY PROVISIONS. INTRODCR Souki J (586-6100) DESCRIPT Amends or repeals various provisions of the Hawaii revised statutes and the session laws of Hawaii for the purpose of correcting errors, clarifying language, correcting references, and deleting obsolete or unnecessary provisions. -- HB0455 COMM REPT HSCR 338 (JUD) SSCR 734 (JDC) STATUS Mar-06 97 Received by the Governor Mar-17 97 Approved by Governor (Act 2 1997) Section 11 shall take effect retroactive to April 22, 1996; (2) Section 13 shall take effect retroactive to April 12, 1996; (3) Sections 14 and 15 shall take effect retroactive to April 22, 1996; (5) Section 17 shall take effect retroactive to June 17, 1996. MEASURE HB0460 TITLE RELATING TO THE DISPOSITION OF FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENTS. INTRODCR Souki J (BR) (586-6100) DESCRIPT Extends the period of time that the state ethics commission maintains the financial disclosure statements filed by legislators, employees, or delegates to a constitutional convention from a period of 3 years to 6 years. -- HB0460 COMM REPT HSCR 168 (LMG) HSCR 930 (JUD) SSCR 1534 (JDC) STATUS Apr-10 97 Received by the Governor Apr-23 97 Approved by Governor (Act 49 1997) MEASURE HB0462 HD1 (HSCR 112) TITLE RELATING TO FINES FOR LATE FILERS OF FINANCIAL INTERESTS DISCLOSURES. INTRODCR Souki J (BR) (586-6100) DESCRIPT Establishes specific penalties for failure of a legislator, delegate to the constitutional convention, or employee to file a disclosure of financial interests statement when due. Provides criteria. Allows state ethics commission to waive penalty for good cause. Requires the state ethics commission to notify a person, by registered mail, return receipt requested, of the failure to file. -- HB0462 HD1 COMM REPT HSCR 112 (JUD) SSCR 1535 (JDC) STATUS Apr-10 97 Received by the Governor Apr-23 97 Approved by Governor (Act 50 1997) MEASURE HB0463 TITLE RELATING TO FRIVOLOUS CHARGES. INTRODCR Souki J (BR) (586-6100) DESCRIPT Requires that, when the ethics commission decides not to issue a complaint in response to a charge, upon the written request of the person charged, the commission shall make a finding as to whether or not the charge was frivolous. -- HB0463 COMM REPT HSCR 158 (JUD) SSCR 1536 (JDC) STATUS Apr-10 97 Received by the Governor Apr-23 97 Approved by Governor (Act 51 1997) MEASURE HB0472 SD1 CD1 (CCR 159) TITLE RELATING TO STATE BONDS. INTRODCR Say C (586-6200) DESCRIPT Provides declaration of findings on debt limit with respect to general obligation refunding bonds and provides authorization for the issuance of general obligation bonds. -- HB0472 CD1 COMM REPT HSCR 937 (FIN) SSCR 1614 (WAM) CCR 159 STATUS Apr-29 97 Passed Legislature ------ -- PENDING FURTHER ACTION MEASURE HB0480 HD2 SD1 (SSCR 1476) TITLE RELATING TO PUBLIC ASSISTANCE. INTRODCR Arakaki D (586-6050) DESCRIPT Establishes provisions relating to temporary assistance for needy families and food stamps for individuals convicted of a felony which has as an element the possession, use, or distribution of a controlled substance. Restores cash assistance and food stamp benefits to individuals who are complying with treatment or who have not refused or failed to comply with treatment. Act to be repealed 2 years after its effective date (sunset). -- HB0480 SD1 COMM REPT HSCR 22 (HSH) HSCR 686 (FIN) SSCR 1067 (HRE) SSCR 1476 (WAM) STATUS Apr-29 97 Passed Legislature ------ -- PENDING FURTHER ACTION MEASURE HB0519 HD1 SD1 (SSCR 926) TITLE RELATING TO CHILDREN AND YOUTH. INTRODCR Arakaki D (586-6050) DESCRIPT Changes Children's Day and Week to Children and Youth Day and Month. Designates 1st Sunday in October as " Children and Youth Day " and the entire month of October as " Children and Youth Month ". Provides that they shall not be state holidays. -- HB0519 SD1 COMM REPT HSCR 460 (HSH) SSCR 926 (HRE) STATUS Apr-03 97 Received by the Governor Apr-21 97 Approved by Governor (Act 30 1997) MEASURE HB0581 HD1 SD1 CD1 (CCR 29) TITLE RELATING TO TORT LIABILITY. INTRODCR White M (586-6790) DESCRIPT Establishes provision relating to recreational activity liability for providers of recreational activities to the public, such as scuba or skin diving, sky diving, bicycle tours, and mountain climbing. Provides criteria. -- HB0581 CD1 COMM REPT HSCR 98 (EDB) HSCR 753 (JUD) SSCR 1537 (JDC) CCR 29 STATUS Apr-29 97 Passed Legislature ------ -- PENDING FURTHER ACTION MEASURE HB0582 HD1 SD1 CD1 (CCR 21) TITLE RELATING TO COMBAT. INTRODCR White M (586-6790) DESCRIPT Prohibits any person from holding or participating in any no rules combat, extreme or ultimate fighting, or similar contest. Establishes maximum 10,000 dollar penalty for each offense. -- HB0582 CD1 COMM REPT HSCR 901 (CPC/ JUD/) SSCR 1523 (CPI) CCR 21 STATUS Apr-29 97 Passed Legislature ------ -- PENDING FURTHER ACTION MEASURE HB0617 HD1 (HSCR 391) TITLE RELATING TO CHILDREN BORN TO PARENTS NOT MARRIED TO EACH OTHER. INTRODCR Morita H (586-8435) DESCRIPT Amends definition of " illegitimate child " to " child born to parents not married to each other ". -- HB0617 HD1 COMM REPT HSCR 391 (JUD) SSCR 1538 (JDC) STATUS Apr-10 97 Received by the Governor Apr-23 97 Approved by Governor (Act 52 1997) MEASURE HB0623 SD1 (SSCR 1553) TITLE RELATING TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. INTRODCR Ahu Isa L (586-9415) DESCRIPT Eliminates provision allowing persons convicted of abuse of family and household members to apply for order expunging all records relating to person's arrest, trial, finding of guilt, and dismissal and discharge if, upon dismissal of such person and discharge of the proceeding against the person, the offense is the only offense against the other family or household member charged against that person for a period of not less than 5 years. -- HB0623 SD1 COMM REPT HSCR 656 (JUD) SSCR 1553 (JDC) STATUS Apr-23 97 Received by the Governor ------ -- PENDING FURTHER ACTION MEASURE HB0631 HD2 SD2 CD1 (CCR 27) TITLE RELATING TO HEALTH CARE DECISIONS. INTRODCR Santiago A (586-6380) DESCRIPT Establishes law relating to health care decisions by legal surrogate to allow designated persons to make health care decisions for a patient or resident who has been determined by the primary physician to lack capacity. Establishes order of priority of persons who may designate themselves as the legal surrogate for a person who lacks capacity in the absence of a previous designation. Establishes surrogate decision making committee to be staffed by the executive office on aging. Report to the legislature in 1999. Act to be repealed June 30, 1999 (sunset). -- HB0631 CD1 COMM REPT HSCR 147 (HLT) HSCR 1002 (JUD) SSCR 1153 (HEV) SSCR 1562 (JDC) CCR 27 STATUS Apr-29 97 Passed Legislature ------ -- PENDING FURTHER ACTION MEASURE HB0636 HD2 SD1 CD1 (CCR 23) TITLE RELATING TO REAL PROPERTY. INTRODCR Saiki S (586-8485) DESCRIPT Establishes provisions relating to property survey discrepancies under quieting title law to provide that a de minimus property line discrepancy shall not be considered an encroachment or as a basis for a zoning violation. Provides criteria. Requires that responsibility for maintenance and repair of an encroaching improvement, as well as liability for any claims for injuries or damages to persons or property arising out of, or in connection with, the encroaching improvement, shall be borne by the property owner who constructed the improvement, or their successor in interest. -- HB0636 CD1 COMM REPT HSCR 596 (WLU) HSCR 1006 (JUD) SSCR 1054 (WLH) SSCR 1599 (JDC) CCR 23 STATUS Apr-29 97 Passed Legislature ------ -- PENDING FURTHER ACTION

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