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1950 Constitutional Convention
Territory of Hawaii
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February 1, 1950

The Hawaii statehood Commission was created by the territorial legislature in 1947 to promote the cause of statehood tor Hawaii.

One of the first acts of the Commission was to appoint a state Constitutional Committee. In turn, this committee was divided into several sub-committees, each assigned to study specific subjects which would be incorporated into a constitution for the State of Hawaii.

The Legislative Reference Bureau was requested to furnish background material for these sub-committees. These materials were prepared in the form of separate manuals during 1947 and 1948 and were furnished to the sub-committees for their studies.

The separate manuals have been revised to include the most recent constitutional changes of mainland states, and with financial assistance from the Hawaii Statehood Commission and the Secretary of the Territory, they have been incorporated into this one volume reference manual, and published for the use of the constitutional convention delegates, members of the territorial legislature, and the general public.

Manual On State Constitutional Provisions. (PDF, 10.5 MB)