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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1959 Session

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1959 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title

Request no. 7405
HR 124 (1959)

No.1, 1960

study the procedure which permits the filing of bills prior to the opening of the legislative session, its advantages and disadvantages,

Pre-session filing and related procedures.



No.2, 1959


The administration of indigent medical care in Hawaii.


Request no. 7516
HR 146 (1959)

No.4, 1960

a comparative study of Hawaii's public welfare laws, identifying and analyzing the statutory provisions of other jurisdictions which may be of interest to the legislature in considering the public welfare laws of the Territory

Public assistance in Hawaii: statutory provisions and trends in payments.


January 1959


Some effects of Hawaii's 1957 tax law.


Request by 13th Legislature
September 1959

2 v.

a number of background reports and memoranda which may be of interest to the entire membership of the First Legislature of the State of Hawaii as it meets to undertake the important task of reorganizing the territorial government into a modern and effective state government

Hawaii state government organization; selected memoranda.