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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1961 Session

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1961 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title

Request No. 7941 (1961)

No.1, 1961


Disaster relief: considerations for state action.


Request No. 7958 (1961)

No.2, 1961


Free choice of physician in Hawaii's medical care program; an appraisal.


HR 125 (1961)

No.3, 1961

studies whether or not the present legal provisions and administrative practices relating to the exemption of real property from real property taxation are consistent and fair, and in the public's interest.

Real property tax exemption in Hawaii.


Request No. 7939 (1961)

No.4, 1961

presents information on the powers of school boards, and discusses the American pattern of school organization and of various means of financing public education.

School boards and public education: selected aspects of school administration and possible implications for Hawaii.


Request No. 7968 (1961)

No.5, 1961

describes the mainland experience with respect to the acquisition, disposal and management of public lands.

Public land policies of the United States and the mainland states.

Request no. 7964

No.6, 1961


The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.


Request No. 7955 (1961)

No.7, 1961

addresses the nature ofv the problems of caring for the chronically ill and disabled and discusses some of the available alternative approaches.

Care of the chronically ill and disabled aged..


HR 229 (1961)

No.8, 1961

a more detailed explanation of this Act to assist businesses and others who will be affected by this Act.

The Hawaii Antitrust Act..


HR 187 (1961)

No.3, 1962


Nursing and nursing education in Hawaii.