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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1962 Session

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1962 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
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January, 1962

No.1, 1962


Tax problems and fiscal policy in Hawaii.. (PDF)


HR 87, 1962

No.1, 1964

presents an overview of the Hawaiian Homes program from its incep- tion to the present and considers a number of proposals for its future development.

The Hawaiian Homes Program: 1920-1963; a concluding report.. (PDF)


HR 87, 1962

No.1a, 1964
(1) analyzes the contents of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920 as it exists in 1963; (2) presents and explains the arguments that have been advanced for and against the constitutionality of the Act; (3) examines the implications of the Admission Act; and (4) analyzes the means of amending the Act.

Legal aspects of the Hawaiian Homes Program. (PDF)


HR 87, 1962

No.1b, 1964
describes the Land Aspects of the Hawaiian Homes Program. It examines the processes followed in selecting and administering the Hawaiian home lands and some of the results of those processes. It then analyzes the uses to which those lands have been put to achieve the ends of the program.

Land aspects of the Hawaiian Homes Program. (PDF)


HR 87, 1962

No.1c, 1964
describes the social condition of the homesteaders who live on the Hawaiian home lands. It also discusses their backgrounds and some of their aspirations.

Social aspects of the Hawaiian Homes Program. (PDF)


HR 87, 1962

No.1d, 1964
describes the Maori Affairs Program of New Zealand. It will at once become apparent that the government of New Zealand has played an active role, at least during the past two decades, in protecting and furthering the interests of the Maoris through special legislation affecting education, housing, land, land development and welfare.

The Maori affairs program. (PDF)