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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1965 Session

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1965 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
HCR 56, HD1, SD1 (1965)

No.2, 1967


Public housing in Hawaii: the evolution of housing policy.


SR 128 (1965)

No.1, 1965
(Rev. 1969)

concentrates attention on the articulation of policy goals, with emphasis on certain alternatives for their implementation.

Public land policy in Hawaii: the multiple use approach.

SR 128 (1965)

No.3, 1967


Public land policy in Hawaii: major landowners.. (PDF)


SR 128 (1965)

No.5, 1969

concludes a research program dealing with public land policy in Hawaii and undertaken by the Legislative Reference Bureau in 1963; an historical survey of public land policies and practices of the federal and state governments and to give particular emphasis to a review and analysis of land policy in Hawaii from 1893 to the present.

Public land policy in Hawaii: an historical analysis.. (PDF)