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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1988 Session

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1988 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
HR 273, HD1

No.3, 1989

to "determine the feasibility of statutorily mandating employers to grant employees a parental or family leave." The committee report on the resolution mentions an interest in determining "the feasibility of one means of relieving employment pressures while strengthening family relationships."

Parental Or Family Leave In Hawaii. (PDF, 2.8MB)

HR 9

No. 7, 1989

study the feasibility of publishing a state administrative code, register, and "Blue Book".

Pathfinders: Administrative Codes, Registers, And State Blue Books. (PDF, 5.3MB)

HR 368

No.6, 1990

study the adequacy of regulation of the roofing Industry inciuding whether licensing standards for roofing contractors are sufficient; there are adequate remedies available to consumers to redress problems caused by negligent roofing work; current roofing standards are being adequately enforced.

Regulation of Hawaii's roofing industry.. (PDF)