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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1989 Session

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1989 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
HR 9

No.7, 1989

study the feasibility of publishing "a public records index such as a state register (similar to the Federal Register), a code of state regulations (similar to the Code of Federal Regulations)", and "a 'Blue Book' (similar to books produced by the states of Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and others)".

Pathfinders: administrative codes, registers, and state bluebooks.. (PDF, 5.3MB)

HCR 309

No.8, 1989

to examine the issues involved in home care quality assurance and determine the most appropriate course for the State of Hawaii to follow in this area.

Some aspects of quality assurance in home care for Hawaii's elderly.. (PDF, 3.2MB)

HR 316, HD1

No.9, 1989

to determine the state of care in Hawaii for infants who are medically at high risk, to include. but not be limited to an examination of the iypes of facilities available to care for these children and the community based, family-oriented, and other types of services avallab!e for them.

Care of high risk infants in Hawaii.. (PDF, 3.4MB)

HR 13, HD1
HR 14, HD1

No.10, 1989

an examination ot state tax credits to encourage individuals to purchase long-term care insurance.

Tax credits and care for the elderly: the public policy issues.. (PDF, 2.5MB)

HR 38, HD2

No.11, 1989

to study the issue of roadway jurisdiction disputes between the State and the counties.

Roads In Limbo: An Analysis Of The State-County Jurisdictional Dispute. (PDF, 4MB)

SCR 190, SD1

No.12, 1989

a study on the feasibility of realigning the work and wage schedules to provide parity between the school-based health therapists and the professional education personnel in the Department of Education.

Occupational and physical therapists in public schools: the quest for parity.. (PDF, 4MB)

SCR 178, SD1

No.13, 1989

Declaratory rulings and the Environmental Council.

HR 145, HD1

No.14, 1989

study the State's progress in promoting ridesharing in both the public and private sectors. and that of the private sector in offering rideshare alternatives to employees.

Rideshare policies and programs: a review. (PDF, 1.4MB)

HR 120

No. 15, 1989

This report covers financial aid programs currently available to Hawaii college students, as well as prepaid and guaranteed tuition programs and college savings programs which have recently developed nationwide, on both the state and federal levels.

Financing Higher Education: Alternative Planning And Savings Programs For Hawaii's Families. (PDF)

HR 23, HD1,

No.1, 1990

evaluate the establishment of new categories of teachers within the teaching force

New categories of teachers in Hawaii: a review of a concept.. (PDF)

SCR 155, SD1

No. 2, 1990

study the feasibility of a pilot program for volunteer youth services similar to the California Conservation Corps or the Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) program.

A study on the feasibility of establishing a state equivalent ofthe federal VISTA program.. (PDF)

HR 155

No. 3, 1990

to study the feasibility of developing a State Office of Motor Vehicles; the department's possible duties, functions, and responsibilities; approximate cost; cost-benefit analysis to both the State and counties; and recommended legislation.

The Feasibility of Centralized Motor Vehicle Administration in Hawaii. (PDF, 6MB)

HR 106, HD1

No. 4, 1990

study mechanisms through which the State could indefinitely maintain the affordability of state-subsidized housing.

Maintaining the affordability of state subsidized housing.. (PDF)

HR 329

No. 4, 1992

study the possibility of creating the Office of Literacy and if one is recommended, where it should be housed administratively.

Literacy Programs in Hawaii and the Need for an Office of Literacy. (PDF, 7.4MB)