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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1990 Session

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1990 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
SR 160, SD1

No.5, 1990

an examination of two issues relating to food labeling. The first issue was whether the laws prohibiting geographical misbranding were achieving the intent of protecting Hawaii-made products, and the second was whether the food iabeiing laws, presently enforced by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health, should be combined and placed into one department

A taste of aloha: food labeling laws in Hawaii.. (PDF)

SCR 242, SD1

No.7, 1990

study the economic benefits that Hawaii's consumers have derived from the use of generic drug products; study the risk and dangers of generic drug products for certain patients or conditions.

Generic drug substitution: role and function.. (PDF)

SCR 174

No.8, 1990

study the employment situation of sixteen- and sevsnteen-year-old hign school students to determine whether or not it was desirable to amend tne current chiid labor law and impose an eight o'clcck curfew

Working to learn, learning to work: secondary education's dilemma. (PDF)

SCR 227, SD1

No.1, 1991

to examine the impact of gun control measures, Including a firearms ban, on reducing the incidence of violent crime and accidental shootings in Hawaii.

A Clash Of Arms: The Great American Gun Debate. (PDF, 7.1MB)