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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1991 Session

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1991 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
SR 83

No.2, 1991

examines the nature of tuition waivers, the issues to be addressed if such a policy is instituted, and the probable impacts upon the university system in foregone tuition revenues.

Tuition waivers for Hawaiian students in higher education.. (PDF)

HR 68

No.4, 1991

examination of the feasibility of consolidating Hawaii's two tier trial court system into one tier.

Trial court consolidation in Hawaii: the road already taken?. (PDF)

HR 96, HD2

No.5, 1991

study the feasibiiity of establishing reciprocity system for enforcing traffic violations committed by out-of-state visitors in order to capture revenues lost through unpaid citations.

Nonresident traffic violation enforcement.. (PDF)

Act 296, Sec 92

No.6, 1991

to conduct a study on public schooi funding in Hawaii.

The Department Of Education Budget: Selected Issues In Public School Funding And Accountability. (PDF, 1.2MB)

SCR 222, 1991,

No.1, 1992

"based on the continuous growth of the OHA's budget and the expansion of the duties of the members of the Board of Trustees, it is appropriate to review and consider alternative methods for compensating the members of the OHA Board of Trustees."

Alternative methods of compensating members of the OHA Board of Trustees. (PDF)

HR 74, HD1, 1991,

No.2, 1992

identify any existing or potential barriers that may prohibit employees from working at home and to recommend policies to address any existing or potential barriers that may discourage public or private employers from offering employees the opportunity to participate in telecommuting programs.

Telecommuting: the ride of the future. (PDF)

Act 296, SLH 1991,
section 164

No.3, 1992

assess the feasibility of establishing a state travel agency or any other arrangement that would allow for cost savings in handling travel arrangements for state employees conducting official state business.

The feasibility of establishing a state travel agency in Hawaii.. (PDF)

HR 8
HR 11

No.11, 1992

to explore some of the problems and relevant developments that affect the orderly and timely implementation of proposed capital improvement projects by state and county agencies that will be the principal users of the proposed projects when the projects are completed.

Hawaii's Adult Residential Care Program: All Evaluation of Selected Concerns. (PDF, 3.1MB)

Act 328, SLH 1991

No.13, 1992

study fiscal impact of family leave as provided by this Act and any other provisions that may be proposed, and the concept of granting income tax credits for employers who would implement the family leave portions of Act 328; provide guidelines for determining when a health condition is acute, traumatic, or life threatening.

Family leave. (PDF)