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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1992 Session

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1992 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
HR 294, HD1

No.6, 1992

study the feasibiiity of requirrng all attorneys engased in the private practice of law in the State of Hawaii to purchase legal malpractice insu:ance. Underlying the Resolution was a concern that the public has no monetary recourse for legal malpractice when the attorney is unable to pay damages and does not carry legal malpractice insurance coverage.

The feasibility of requiring all licensed attorneys to carry legal malpractice insurance.. (PDF)

SR 80

No.7, 1992

study the feasibility of implementing a phased retirement program for state and county employees who are members of the Employees' Retirement System.

Phased retirement for public employees.. (PDF)

HCR 403

No.8, 1992

a survey of the laws regulating maii order pharmacy in other states; an assessment of the need to regulate maii order pharmacy in Hawaii; and an analysis of the impact such regulation would have on mail order pharmacies, local pharmacies, group insurance coverage, and health maintenance organizations.

Mail order pharmacy: first class or second rate?. (PDF)

HR 377, HD1

No.9, 1992

to conduct a study on the effect of cellular phone use upon vehicle control and driver attention in Hawaii.

Cellular Phones and Highway Safety. (PDF, 616KB)

HCR 5, HR 8, and HR11

No.10, 1992

consult with the state Department of Health, the state Department of Human Services, and the Mayors of each county to address the "administrative concerns and inequities which have arisen" as a result of the State's licensure requirements for residential facilities providing "rentals for three or more unrelated people".

Certification and licensure requirements for lodging and tenementfacilities in Hawaii.. (PDF)

HCR 5, HR 8, and HR11

No.11, 1992

conduct a comprehensive examination of the issues and concerns of those involved in the operation and monitoring of Hawaii's Adult Residential Care Homes (ARCHs).

Hawaii's Adult Residential Care Program: an evaluation of selected concerns.. (PDF)

Act 167
Session Laws 1992

No.12, 1992

to study effects of retaining UH-Hilo as part of the UH system and exploring alternatives to improve the current status and condition of the existing UH-Hilo, and feasibility and effects of establishing UH-Hilo as an independent institution that is separate from the UH system.

The University of Hawaii at Hilo; A Re-examination of the Issues of Separation from the University of Hawaii System. (PDF, 9MB)

HR 21 and HR 136, HD1

No.14, 1992

study certain aspects of the enforcement of high occupancy vehicle lanes, and the modification of state parking policies to promote ridesharing arrangements between state and non-state employees

Two aspects of ridesharing: state parking control policy and HOVlane enforcement.. (PDF)

SCR 105 and HD 1, HD1

No.15, 1992

conduct a study on the permanent establishment of the state satellite office program, including an examination of the scope and efficiency of the available services.

The State Satellite Office Program. (PDF)

HCR 187, HD1

No.16, 1992

to explore some of the problems and relevant developments that affect the orderly and timely implementation of proposed capital improvement projects by state and county agencies that will be the principal users of the proposed projects when the projects are completed.

Bends In The Road: Problems Affecting The Implementation Of Capital Improvement Projects. (PDF)

SCR 160, SD1, HD1

No.17, 1992

to explore some of the problems and relevant developments that affect the orderly and timely implementation of proposed capital improvement projects by state and county agencies that will be the principal users of the proposed projects when the projects are completed.

The Role of the Multidisciplinary Team in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect in Hawaii.. (PDF)

HR 16, HD1

No.1, 1993

study the feasibility of establishing a warehouse district in Hawaii, identify possible locations, and look for alternatives to a warehouse district.

A Warehouse District for Hawaii?. (PDF)

SCR 244, SD1

No.2, 1993

study whether a Children's Trust Fund (CTF) should be established in Hawaii and, if established, to determine an appropriate structure, funding mechanism, and placement for the CTF.

Issues concerning a Children's Trust Fund for Hawaii.. (PDF)

HR 185

No.3, 1993

a study regarding the provision of specialized services for quadriplegics residing in the State of Hawaii.

Quadriplegics in Hawaii.. (PDF)

HR 223, HD2

No.4, 1993

examines the basic premise behind impact aid and how that premise applies to the State of Hawaii. It describes the distinctions that the federal government makes among federally-connected students and how the aid is allocated to the states.

Impact Aid and the Establishment of United States Dept. of Defense Schools in Hawaii.. (PDF)

HR 65, HD1

No.5, 1993

study the social and economic impacts of unaccredited degree granting and nondegree granting institutions within the State and the beneficial purposes served by these institutions to the people of the State. The resolution also requested a comparative review of other states' existing regulations on unaccredited institutions.

Private Accreditation and State Authorization of Degree Granting and Non-Degree Granting Institutions in Hawaii.. (PDF)

HR 212, HD 1

No.6, 1993

study of the salary and benefits package of public school principals and vice-principals including an examination of the: training, job description. placement, hiring, and professional development of the principals and vice-principals.

Salary and Benefits of Public School Principals and Vice Principals.. (PDF)

SCR 76, SD1, HD 2

No.8, 1993

assess the support and assistance available in Hawaii to children with cancer and their families.

Childhood cancer: the challenge to Hawaii's healthcare system.. (PDF)

HR 315, 1992

No.4, 1994

prepare "a study that develops standards under which members of the Employees' Retirement System of the State of Hawaii who previously rendered national service Are eligible to purchase membership service credit".

"National service" as credited service for public retirement:issues and discussion.. (PDF)