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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1993 Session

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1993 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
section 65, Act 289,
SLH 1993

No. 7, 1993

review and recommend definitions for the terms "special fund," "revolving fund." and "trust fund"; discuss the implications of the use of a trust as it applies to a trust fund; and define, evaluate, and recommend, if applicable, other types of funds that may be suitable for consideration by the State

A Review of the Definitions of Special, Revolving, and Trust Funds in Hawaii.. (PDF)

HCR 328, H.D. 1, S.D. 1

No. 9, 1993

study the higher education outreach needs of the neighbor island residents

University of Hawaii System Outreach Efforts on the Neighbor Islands.. (PDF)

HCR 477, H.D. 1

No. 10, 1993

an interim study of the housing finance and development mechanisms of each state.

Housing Finance and Development Programs in Other States.. (PDF)

HCR 476, H.D. 2

No. 11, 1993

in conjunction with the Hawaii Real Estate Research and Education Center

Non-Profit Housing Development. (PDF, 5.9MB)

Act 356, SLH 1993

No. 12, 1993

to monitor and evaluate the Family Center Demonstration Project (demonstration project or project).

The Family Center Demonstration Project Evaluation: an Interim Report to the 1994 Legislature.. (PDF)

Act 332, SLH 1993,
section 3

No.1, 1994

to assess the need for a consumer advocate to represent, protect, and advance the interests of ail consumers before t'le air carrier commission.

Consumer advocacy before the Air Carrier Commission. (PDF)

Act 171, SLH 1993,
section 2

No.2, 1994

study Chapter 234, Hawaii Revised Statutes(Tax Relief for Natural Disasters), to make recommendations concerning whether Chapter 234 should be repealed or amended.

Tax relief for natural disasters.. (PDF)


No.3, 1994

study on the feasibility and impact of placing motor vehicle registration emblems on the inside of a motor vehicle's rear window.

Motor vehicle registration emblems in Hawaii. (PDF)

SR 137, SD 1

No. 5, 1994

study the means employed by other states to organize and operate their mental health systems.

"Reinventing" governance of Hawaii's public mental healthdelivery system: problems, options, and possibilities.. (PDF, 7.4MB)

Act 329, SLH 1990
As amended by
Act 188, SLH 1992
Act 356, SLH 1993

No.10, 1994

assess the impact of family centers upon the communities served; assess the role of family centers in bringing about these impacts; discuss legislation that may facilitate the continuation or expansion of the demonstration project.

The Family Center Demonstration Project Evaluation: The Final Report to the 19940 Legislature. (PDF)