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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1995 Session

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1995 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
Act 5,
SLH 1995
Dec 8, 1995
Commission is to examine benefits extended to married opposite-sex couples but not to same-sex couples; to examine public policy reasons to extend or not; to recommend legislative action to so extend benefits
Report of the Commission on Sexual Orientation and the Law. (PDF, 8MB)
SR65, SD1
No.4, 1995
determine whether nonprofit public, education, and government cable access organizations in Hawaii provide the type of access and programming intended by federal and state law.
Public, Education, And Government Cable Television Access In Hawaii: Unscrambling The Signals. (PDF, 5MB)
HR174, HD2
No.5, 1995
obtain views of selected state agencies and the petroleum industry to assist the Legislature in formulating policies that protect Hawaii's gasoline consumers
Regulating Hawaii's Petroleum Industry. (PDF, 850KB)
No.6, 1995
evaluate the efficiency of using newspapers of general circulation as the sole means of publishing public notices required by law.
To See or Not to See: Public Notice of Legal Ads. (PDF, 6MB)
HR12, HD2
No.7, 1995
study the state Department of Transportation's motor vehicle safety program for motor vehicles with a gross weight ratio of 10,000 pounds or less.
Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection in Hawaii: A Study of Selected Issues. (PDF, 2MB)
SCR33 & SR27
No.8, 1995
examine the concept of a single entry point for long-term care services for disabled children, non-elderly adults, and the elderly; its advantages and disadvantages.
Long-Term Care: A Single Entry Point for Three Populations. (PDF, 10MB)
HR60, HD1
No.1, 1996
study the problem in other jurisdictions of liability exposure of volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies that rely on the services of volunteers.
Volunteerism -- A Risky Business. (PDF, 5MB)
SCR266, SD1, HD1
No.4, 1996
study feasibility of transferring the Traffic Violations Bureaus from the State Judiciary to the counties.
Stop, Go, Caution: the Feasibility of Transferring the Traffic Violations Bureaus to the Counties. (PDF, 5MB)