Legislative Reference Bureau
1996 Session Reports

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1996 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
SR54, SD2
No.6, 1996
investigate the options of arbitration for disputes between condominium associations, owners, and agents
Fighting Battles In Modern American Castles: Condominium Dispute Resolution (PDF, 4MB)
HCR157, HD1
No.3, 1996
examine seven specific issues regarding vocational rehabilitation services for deaf and hard of hearing persons
Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Hawaii: An Examination of Seven Issues. (PDF, 4MB)
HR53, HD1
No.5, 1996
study feasibility of transferring the management of the State Capitol from Dept of Acct & General Services to the Legislature
The Feasibility Of Establishing A State Capitol Maintenance Program Under The Legislature (PDF, 3MB)