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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1997 Session

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1997 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
Act 289
SLH 1997
No.3, 1997
evaluate and analyze the existing continuing education program and laws that affect the license renewal of all real estate brokers
Privatizing Continuing Education Of Real Estate Brokers And Salespersons In Hawaii (PDF, 6MB)
No.5, 1997
study and make recommendations on an appropriate salary structure for all state judges; address the feasibility of indexing salary to consumer price index or increases in state civil service compensation
Determining A Judicial Salary Structure: What's Fair?. (PDF, 820KB)
SR118, SD1
No.4, 1997
study issues relating to dental insurance in Hawai`i; review state statutes similar to proposed changes; review current insurance system in Hawai`i
Teeth On Edge: The Debate On Dental Insurance In Hawaii . (PDF, 694KB)
SR124, SD1
No.1, 1998
study alternate funding options and corresponding outcomes for tourism marketing and promotion
Aloha: The Heartbeat Of Our Land - A Study Of Selected Tourism Issues . (PDF, 500KB)
HR193, HD1
No.2, 1997
study the operations of the Agribusiness Development Corporation with the intent to improve its effectiveness in carrying out the intent of Act 264, SLH 1994
Plan(ning); Is Not A Four-Letter Word: A Formative Evaluation Of The Agribusiness Development Corporation (PDF, 245KB)
No.1, 1997
survey government programs for fiscal year 1997-1998 in the state that are mandated by the federal government
Federally Mandated State Programs During Fiscal Year 1997-1998: Operating Funds . (PDF, 515KB)
joint request
to provide a broader understanding of privatization and related issues in light of Konno v. County of Hawaii; to propose legislative responses to that decision; to discuss privatization, civil service and merit principles; and review relevant experiences of other states and the federal government.
Privatization In Hawaii. (PDF, 14MB)