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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1998 Session

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1998 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
SCR132, SD1
No.7, 1998
study the issue of penal responsibility and voluntary substance abuse resulting in criminal acts; review statutory and case law
Drugs, Alcohol And The Insanity Defense: The Debate Over "Settled" Insanity. (PDF, 278KB)
SCR153, HD1, SD1
No.4, 1998
study ways to streamline and eliminate duplicative regulations regarding proposed use projects in the Waikiki area
Waikiki Developments: Streamling the Regulatory Process. (PDF, 790KB)
SR55, SD1
No.8, 1998
determine if ceiling on the workers' compensation medical fee schedule should be adjusted, impact of fee schedule on quality of care, and conditions for adjusting the fee schedule
The Medical Fee Schedule Under The Workers' Compensation Law. (PDF, 107KB)
No.6, 1998
conduct a study in response to concerns raised by the enactment of Act 2, SLH 1998, amending the Hawaii Administrative Procedure Act
The Price Of Access: Fees For Copies Of State Administrative Agency Rules. (PDF, 126KB)
HCR156, SD1
No.5, 1998
study issues relating to collection and reporting of data on Hawaiians
Hawaiian Demographic Data: `Ehia Kanaka Maoli?. (PDF, 510KB)
HR16, HD1
No.3, 1998
study ways to encourage and facilitate organ donation in Hawai`i
Heart And Soul: Anatomical Gifts For Hawaii's Transplant Community. (PDF, 335KB)
No.2, 1998
survey government programs for fiscal year 1998-1999 in the state that are mandated by the federal government
Federally Mandated State Programs During Fiscal Year 1998-1999: Operating Funds . (PDF, 640KB)