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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 1999 Session

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1999 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
Act 87,
SLH 1999,
section 7
No.1, 2000
identify the most appropriate method by which to enforce and implement the new medical records confidentiality law
Privacy Of Medical Records: Enforcement of Hawaii's New Law. (PDF, 150KB)
fact sheet
Act 254,
SLH 1999,
section 6
No.1, 1999
study the state-constructed dental licensing examination for fairness, and examine possible alternatives
"Above The Line": A Review Of Selected Issues Concerning The State-Constructed Dental Licensing Examination . (PDF, 500KB)
fact sheet
SCR30, SD1
No.2, 1999
examine the policies and issues of undergrounding public utility lines
Undergrounding Public Utility Lines . (PDF, 487KB)
fact sheet
SCR184, SD1, HD1, CD1
No.3, 1999
make recommendations for a recodification of Hawaii's domestic violence and abuse laws as necessary to enhance victim protection and provide for uniformity and consistency in these laws
A Review Of Hawaii's Domestic Violence And Abuse Laws. (PDF, 570KB)
fact sheet
joint request
Jan. 14, 2000
research the establishment of an elected Hawaiian Homes Commission
Advisory Memorandum - Subject: Elected Hawaiian Homes Commission. (PDF, 220KB)
fact sheet