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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 2000 Session

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2000 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
Act 259,
SLH 2000
No.2, 2001
examine how independent schools can form consortiums to finance construction & renovation
SPRBs For Private Schools: Practical And Constitutional Considerations. (PDF, 570KB)
SCR122, SD1
No.1, 2001
examine criminal history record checks, to include a summary of applicable federal and state law
Criminal History Record Checks In Hawaii: Issues And Options. (PDF, 351KB)
fact sheet
No.3, 2001
evaluate the agricultural loan system in Hawai`i
An Evaluation Of Hawaii's Agricultural Loan System. (PDF, 430KB)
fact sheet
SR58, SD1
No.6, 2000
review social work licensure laws and to recommend suggested legislation
Social Work In Hawaii: An Examination Of Some Regulatory Issues. (PDF, 350KB)
HCR62, HD1, SD1
No.4, 2000
collect data on the number and percentage of private sector workers performing state work; include a draft of proposed legislation for a Hawaii living wage law
A Hawaii Living Wage Law: Contracted State Services. (PDF, 235KB)
fact sheet
HCR101, HD1
No.2, 2000
examine issues relating to changing the appointed board of the Hawaiian Homes Commission to an elected board
Elected Hawaiian Homes Commissioners? Weighing The Options. (PDF, 115KB)
HR40, HD1
No.3, 2000
study feasibility of universal medical fee schedule; determine universal payment policies, recognized providers, and policies regarding payment for supplies
The Feasibility Of Establishing A Common Medical Fee Schedule For Workers' Compensation, Motor Vehicle Insurance, And Prepaid Health Care. (PDF, 185KB)
HR128, HD1
No.5, 2000
conduct a legal review of concerns regarding the automatic permit approval, Act 164, Session Laws of Hawaii 1998
Hawaii's Automatic Permit Approval Law. (PDF, 780KB)
fact sheet