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Requested by the 2007 Session

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2007 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
HCR 187, HD1
No.6, 2007
study respite care policies and programs in other states, particularly those programs that focus on family caregivers who provide care to individuals aged 60 years or older or to chronically ill adults.
Gimme A Break: Respite Care Services In Other States. (PDF, 1MB)

HCR 188, HD2
No.4, 2007
study other states' adult protective services law, gather data on elder and adult abusive incidence in other states, analyze possible changes to Hawaii's laws to conform to those of other states, and estimate the predicted effects of those changes on the caseload of Hawaii's Dept. of Adult Protective Services.
A Survey of Adult Protective Services and Elder Abuse in Hawaii and Nationwide. (PDF, 1.1MB)

Act 124
(Session Laws 2005)
periodically identify, review,and analyze all state statutes (other than the Hawaii Penal Code) and rules that establish: (1) Criminal offenses specifically denominated as misdemeanors or petty misdemeanors; or (2) Criminal offenses that authorize imprisonment or fines in excess of $1,000, or both, but that involve conduct for which, typically, only a fine is imposed; and to contact the state departments or agencies that have jurisdiction over the offenses identified by the judiciary and request their input as to whether and the extent to which the offenses can be decriminalized without undermining their ability to enforce laws within their jurisdiction; and to recommend changes to the penalties.
Decriminalization of Nonserious Offenses . (PDF, 220kB)