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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 2008 Session

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2008 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
SCR 70
No.2, 2008

studies the feasibility and advisability of establishing a certificate or degree program in sports and entertainment management within the University of Hawaii; and the feasibility of creating workshop and seminar programs here in Hawaii for professionals in the sports and entertainment industries.

Fair Or Foul? A Sports And Entertainment Management Program At The University Of Hawaii. (PDF, 1.7MB)

HCR 231, HD1
No.1, 2008
studies the costs of convening a constitutional convention and provides an estimate of the projected total cost; estimates costs of a constitutional convention held on Oahu in 2010 or 2012.

Cost Estimates For A Constitutional Convention. (PDF, 680KB)

SCR 37, SD1
No.1, 2009

study the establishment of a Comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation Center for deaf and hard of hearing individuals; to consult with agencies familiar with serving this population, to survey other states regarding the start-up and operating costs of a comprehensive center, to suggest services to be delivered by a Hawaii center, and to recommend legislation to establish the center.

Vocational Services For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Through A Comprehensive Service Center. (PDF, 2.1MB)