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Legislative Reference Bureau Reports
Requested by the 2009 Session

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2009 Legislation
Bureau Report No.
Bureau Title
Act 123
(SLH 2009)
No.3, 2009

to review the memorandum of understanding between the Department of Education and the Department of Budget and Finance with regard to the capital improvement projects allotment process, with the goal of replicating the processes of the memorandum of understanding for use by other state agencies with many capital improvement projects that are predominantly funded by general obligation bonds.

A Review of the Capital Improvement Project Allotment Process and the Memorandum of Understanding Between the Department of Education and the Department of Budget and Finance. (PDF, 1.66MB)

Act 2, SD1
(1st sp SLH 2009)
No.1, 2010

review the Auditor's report on the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board and make recommendations on (1) whether there is a need for oversight of the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board, and how oversight is provided for similar boards; and (2) how to strengthen and clarify interagency roles, responsibilities, and relationships between the Board, Department of Education, and Teacher Education Coordinating Committee.

Hawaii Teacher Standards Board Is Oversight Needed?. (PDF, 1.25MB)

Act 29
(1st sp SLH 2009) SD2, HD2, CD1
No.2, 2009

complete and submit to the Medical Cannabis Task Force "a report on the policies and procedures for access, distribution, security, and other relevant issues related to the medical use of cannabis for all the states that currently have a medical cannabis program."

Access, distribution, and security components of state medical marijuana programs. (PDF, 1.8MB)