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The Directory of State, County and Federal Officials.
Annual. Contains the names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses of government officials. Links to respective World Wide Web sites.
Guide to Government in Hawai`i.
Last published: September 2013. Discusses state and county departments and their organization and the agencies of the federal government with offices in Hawai`i. It cites statutory authority for each state office.
Listing of Opinions Issued by the Attorney General, State of Hawai`i. (pdf)
A digest of AG opinions since January 1985. Updated annually. Adobe PDF, 756kB.
* 2008 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF 32kB.
* 2011 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF 12kB.
* 2013 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF 15kB.
* 2014 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF 20kB.
* 2015 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF 23kB.
Agency Reports to the Legislature. (RSS) rss
- reports requested by the Legislature from state departments and agencies and recently submitted to the library.
Selected Recent Acquisitions. (RSS) rss
- recent additions to the library collection.
Selected New Articles (RSS) rss
- indexed articles from select current serials.
Law Journals TOC (RSS) rss
- selected articles and tables of contents, newly arrived Law Journals
- The Library publishes its twitter, @LRBlibrary, to highlight the trends, issues and resources behind today's news of interest to our Hawaii legislative community. Links to full-text documents, web sites, and news stories.
- clipping service of news on the Net, a daily selection of headlines and articles of interest from local, national and world news feeds on the Internet; emailed and posted on the website.
Newspaper Clippings File List of Subject Terms (Annual, pdf)
The Serials List (Annual) - refer to CARD for online access. (HTML)

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