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LRB NOTES - 2002

LRB Notes are published to provide basic background information relating to state government in areas that may include difficult, complex constitutional, legal and legislative concepts.

No. 02-01 Special Purpose Revenue Bonds
Explains what SPRB's are, why are measures to authorize their issuance introduced in the Legislature, and what is the role of the Legislature in dealing with these requests. pdf
No. 02-02 Separation Of Powers
Explains the doctrine of "separation of powers" in the context of the Hawaii Constitution and the role and powers of the Hawaii Legislature. pdf
No. 02-03 Ceded Lands
The overwhelming majority of state-owned lands are ceded lands. The State is under a duty imposed by the federal government to dispose of ceded lands revenues in five specific ways, including for the benefit of native Hawaiians. This memo addresses some of the questions regarding ceded lands. pdf
No. 02-04 General Obligation Funds
Provides basic information on what GO bonds are, why they are introduced in the Legislature, and what is the role of the Legislature in dealing with these requests. pdf
No. 02-05 Amending The Hawaii Constitution
Describes how an amendment is made, and the role of the Legislature in that process. pdf
No. 02-06 Hawaiian Homes Commission Act (HHCA)
Explains the history behind the HHCA of 1921 which carves out some of the ceded lands to provide homesteads for persons of 50% or more Hawaiian blood, and the complexities that lie in making changes to the HHCA. pdf
No. 02-07 General Excise Tax (GET) And Use Tax
Explains what the GET and the use tax are and their importance to the state. pdf
No. 02-08 Environmental Impact Statements
Hawaii's law requires the preparation of documents called an "environmental assessment" or an "environmental impact statement". This note explains the important features of that law. pdf
No. 02-09 Long-term Care
What is LTC, its target group and funding. pdf
No. 02-10 Enactment of Bills into Law by the Hawaii State Legislature
How a bill becomes law. pdf
No. 02-11 Administrative Agency Rules
Explains the nature and extent of the rules State and county administrative agencies adopt, amend, and repeal to aid in the performance of their duties. pdf
No. 02-12 "No Child Is Left Behind" (Public Law 107-110)
As applied to Hawaii, by the end of school year 2013-2014, the DOE must ensure that all students meet or exceed a "proficient" level of academic achievement on required State assessments. pdf
No. 02-13 Medicare
What is Medicare, its purpose, its administration, and its coverage?
No. 02-14 Internet Regulation
Use, content and taxation. pdf
No. 02-15 Due Process
There are probably no two words that have had and still have a broader or stronger impact on the range, scope, and application of American law. pdf
No. 02-16 Freedom of Speech
A brief description of some features of our right to freedom of speech, its guaranteed freedoms, purpose, and protections. pdf
No. 02-17 No-Fault Auto Insurance
The Legislature's purpose in changing the motor vehicle insurance system from a tort (fault) to a no-fault system was to enable people in most (but not all) traffic accidents.pdf
No. 02-18 State Aid To Private Schools
The U.S. Constitution, the Hawaii State Constitution, the Establishment Clause (separation of church and state), and aid to private schools...discussion of the issues.
1977 Constitutional Convention (CON-CON) - Questions and Answers
Designed to inform the public of some of the mechanics for convening the constitutional convention.