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Legislative Reference Bureau
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Legislative Aids and Manuals

How To Research Constitutional, Legislative, And Statutory History In Hawai`i
(Third Edition, July 2001) by Richard F. Kahle, Jr. PDF (755kB)
Drafting Bills for Legislation
(includes pdf versions of a Powerpoint presentation)

*NEW* Hawai`i Legislative Drafting Manual (Tenth Edition)
- furnishes general guidelines for agencies and individuals who prepare measures for introduction in the Hawai`i Legislature. PDF (1.7 MB) (p19, corrected 10/08/13).

Erratum for the Hawaii Legislative Drafting Manual Tenth Edition. 10/08/13. (p19)

Hawai`i Legislators' Handbook
- Bureau Report, 1997; describes legislative powers, sessions, membership, organization, enactment of laws, voting, and parliamentary procedure. PDF (4.4MB).
Listing of Opinions Issued by the Attorney General since 01/85 PDF (380kB).
* 2008 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF (32kB).
* 2011 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF (12kB).
* 2013 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF (53kB).
* 2014 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF (24kB).
* 2015 opinions also available as a separate file. PDF (23kB).
How A Bill Becomes Law In Hawai`i
- PDF (180kB)
Hawaii Administrative Rules Drafting Manual
- to serve as a basic document used by administrative agencies in converting their rules to the universal format for state agency rules mandated by the Legislature. Third Edition, June 2016. PDF (1.2 MB).
LRB Notes
- to provide basic background information relating to state government in areas that may include difficult, complex constitutional, legal and legislative concepts.
Glossary of Legislative Terms
Index to LRB Publications. 1944 - current.
- PDF, 290 kB.

General Guides and Directories

Guide to Government in Hawai`i (Fourteenth Edition)
- Bureau Report, 2012; discusses state and county departments and their organization and the agencies of the federal government having offices in Hawai`i. PDF (2.2MB)
Directory of State, County and Federal Officials in Hawai`i
- supplement to Guide To Government in Hawai`i. PDF (1.5MB)
Using Hawai`i's Freedom of Information Law
- by Professor Beverly Ann Deepe Keever; a general introduction for the public interested in knowing how to access state or city /county records. PDF (13MB).
A Legislator's Guide to the LRB
- describes who we are, what we do, where to find us, and how we can help. HTML.


A Brief History of the Hawai`i Legislative Reference Bureau
- by Susan Jaworowski. Pamphlet. PDF (540kB)