Acts from the Legislative Session (1997) which include Specific Requests for Submission of Information

ACT 3 SB 1433, SD1

TOURISM MARKETING PLANS FOR JAPAN AND THE UNITED STATES, REPORT ON. Requires the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau to report to the Legislature on its tourism marketing plans for Japan and the United States no later than thirty days after the release of funds appropriated by this Act.

(SSCR 64, 864, HSCR 1117)

ACT 77 SB 1631, SD2, HD2

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, REPORT ON. Allows the State to contract with a private nonprofit corporation for the purposes of coordinating policy, disbursing public funds, and implementing community plans related to the provision of early childhood education and care services. Requires the corporation and the interdepartmental council to jointly submit an annual report that describes the activities and accomplishments of the corporation and the council, fund balances and expenditures, and purpose of the expenditures, to the Governor and Legislature twenty days prior to the convening of each Regular Session.

Act to be repealed on June 30, 2001.

(SSCR 52, 833, HSCR 1120, 1265, 1586)

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