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Research Hours & Location

Session: 7:45 - 6:00p
  (later when necessary)
Interim: 7:45 - 4:30p

Shawn Nakama,
  First Assistant
State Capitol, Rm 446
587.0666  phone
587.0681  fax

We are prohibited from revealing the contents of any request for services, except to the requester. This assures the confidentiality of every request a legislator sends to the Bureau.
see, §23G-4, HRS


A Legislator's Guide To LRB -
Research Division

Research Division assists the Legislature in its deliberations through comprehensive, nonpartisan research memoranda and reports, consultation, and drafting legislative documents, including bills, resolutions and committee reports.

Bill Drafting

Our experienced Research Division staff provides comprehensive bill drafting services. Researchers in the Division are either attorneys or have advanced degrees in research-related fields. Legislators or staff can submit bill requests either in detailed form or as a general concept, in writing or by telephone. Researchers are also available for consultation to prepare and finalize specific requests. Requests can be submitted at any time during the year. However, because of the volume of requests we handle, and legislative constraints on bill introduction, we recommend that requests be submitted at the earliest opportunity. Researchers also draft substantive and congratulatory resolutions and certificates. As a service to the larger committees, such as House Finance and Senate Ways and Means, the Research Division provides legal checks and committee reports.

Requested Reports and Studies

Our Research staff undertakes short-term research projects, including legal research, throughout the year. During the legislative interim, the researchers conduct comprehensive, in-depth studies on selected topics, either assigned to the Bureau through legislative resolution or on self-generated topics. Recent studies have concerned privatization, a review of Hawai`i's special purpose revenue bonds to help private schools, social effects of shipboard gambling, and regulation of Hawaii's petroleum industry. Every legislator receives a copy of each study, and additional copies, free to the public, are available through the Bureau's Library. Copies of more recent studies are also available on the Bureau's World Wide Web site.


Hawaii Legislators' Handbook

A detailed guide to the legislative process for legislators and legislative staff. The Handbook describes legislative powers, sessions, mem bership, organization, enactment of laws, voting, and parliamentary procedure. It includes chapters on the legislative service agencies, partisan staff offices, research services and resources, ethics, a glossary of legislative terms and an index. Append ices include district ma ps, House and Senate Rules, and tables ou tlining the length of legislative sessions, presiding officers, and the number of measures introduced, enacted and vetoed, from 1901 to the present. Frequency varies. Last published: 1997.

Hawaii Legislative Drafting Manual

An authoritative guide to bill drafting style as used in the Hawaii legislature. The Manual covers statutory and constitutional drafting, common drafting problems, Ramseyer format, amending session laws, appropriations, resolutions and certificates, and committee reports. Numerous examples are provided throughout. Includes an index. Frequency varies. Last published: 1996.

The Hawaii Administrative Rules Directory and Table of Statutory Sections Implemented

The Directory serves as a detailed table of conten ts to the rules of Hawaii state government agencies. It arranges the rules by title, following a prescribed rules format similar to the format used for the Hawaii Revised Statutes. The Table provides convenient access to the rules by linking HRS and session laws sections to rule sections that implement or interpret the statutory provisions. 2001. Updated annually.

Hawaii Administrative Rules Drafting Manual

This Manual is designed as a guide for individuals engaged in formulating and drafting administrative agency rules. It contains the Hawaii Administrative Rules format mandated by section 91-4.2, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and presents background to administrative rulemaking and the establishment of the Hawaii Administrative Rules format. Frequency varies. 1984. Last printed: 2003.

How to Research Constitutional, Legislative, and Statutory History in Hawaii

Developed to aid the understanding and research techniques of individuals engaged in constitutional, legislative, and statutory research in Hawaii, this guide walks the researcher through an actual search to determine the legislative history of a statute. It includes a useful chapter on shortcuts in legislative research and another explaining the constitutional convention process and documents. Frequency varies. Last published: 2001.


Each interim, the Assistant Director for Research offers a bill drafting class to legislative and executive staff. The Bureau provides an orientation to our services for new members, and participates in staff orientations presented by the House and Senate.