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Session: 7:45 - 4:30

Velma Kaneshige,
  Assistant Director for Revision
State Capitol, Rm 446
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We are prohibited from revealing the contents of any request for services, except to the requester. This assures the confidentiality of every request a legislator sends to the Bureau.
see, §23G-4, HRS


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Statute Revision

The Statute Revision Division annually publishes the session laws and supplements to the Hawaii Revised Statutes. The Division publishes replacement volumes to the Hawaii Revised Statutes as needed.

Law Review

Our Statute Revision Division reviews the laws that are enacted during each legislative session and incorporates the laws in two annual publications: the Session Laws of Hawaii, which compiles the laws enacted and constitutional amendments proposed; and the Supplement to the Hawaii Revised Statutes, which codifies the laws of a general and permanent nature. Indexes are prepared for both publications. The Division also periodically publishes replacement volumes to the Hawaii Revised Statutes. The Division prepares a revision bill for each regular legislative session, to delete obsolete provisions and to correct errors and references in the Hawaii Revised Statutes and the Session Laws of Hawaii. In addition to its work with the state statutes, the Division also reviews administrative rules for conformance with format guidelines.


Hawaii Revised Statutes

The Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), is comprised of the statutes of the State of Hawaii, consolidated, revised, and annotated. The HRS was enacted in 1968. Replacement volumes have been published in 1976, 1985 and 1993. The 1993 replacement volumes incorporate all the laws of a general and permanent nature enacted by the Legislature since the publication of the 1985 volumes through the 1993 regular and special sessions. Future volumes of the HRS will be replaced on a volume-by-volume basis. The HRS also contains the Constitution of the United States, the act creating the Hawaii National Park, the Organic Act, Admission Act, the State Constitution and the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. Updated with an annual supplement and index. A cumulative replacement index is published when necessary. Last published in 1996.

Session Laws of Hawaii

Contains the text of laws enacted and constitutional amendments proposed by the Legislature during each regular and special session. Includes committee report numbers on measures enacted and proposed constitutional amendments; and tables showing the effect of acts on sections of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, Session Laws of Hawaii, the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act , and the State Constitution. Includes an index. Annual. The Session Laws of Hawaii and the Hawaii Revised Statutes and supplements a redistributed by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.