Rule 38. Order of Business: General

After invocation, roll call and the reading of the Journal,
the President shall call for business in the following order:

(1) Messages from the Governor.

(2) Reports and communications from the state officers.

(3) Communications, bills, resolutions and other matters from
the House of Representatives.

(4) Concurrent and senate resolutions and introduction of

(5) Reports of Conference and Joint Committees.

(6) Reports of the Leadership Committee on Legislative

(7) Reports of Standing Committees.

(8) Reports of other Leadership Committees.

(9) Unfinished business, upon which the Senate was engaged at
the time of its last adjournment.

(10) The Order of the Day.

(11) Petitions, memorials and miscellaneous communications.

(12) Any miscellaneous business on the President's table.

Rule 39. Order of Business: Special

The Senate, by previous motion, may direct that any matter
named shall be made a special order of business and that such
special order shall take precedence of all business after the
fourth order, or that it shall take any other position lower
down on the calendar.

Rule 40. Order of Business: Committee Reports and
Gubernatorial Messages

Reports from Conference or Joint Committees, and from the
Leadership Committee on Legislative Management, shall be in
order at all times after the second order of business, and, upon
motion, messages from the Governor or from the House of
Representatives may be received at any time. Without unanimous
consent, however, such messages or reports shall not be in order
for discussion when received, but shall be placed on the
calendar as unfinished business.

Rule 41. Order of Business: Order of the Day

After the first seven orders of business set forth in Rule
38, it shall be in order, pending consideration thereof, to move
that the Senate proceed to dispose of the unfinished business or
to the Order of the Day. If such motion be decided in the
affirmative, such consideration shall immediately be taken up.

Rule 42. Order of Business: Unfinished Business

The unfinished business in which the Senate was engaged at
the time of the last adjournment shall have the preference in
the Order of the Day. Until the former is disposed of, no
motion for any other business shall be received without special
leave of the Senate.

Rule 43. Order of Business: Questions on Priority

All questions relating to the priority of business to be
acted upon shall be decided without debate.

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